Bite On Bullets: September 2008




Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Temple: Day 3

Was late to meet my manager, Joey, at town. FYI, I got up at 12. Marilyn Sim, you must wake up 3 hours before we meet next time. Haha. Neway, met Sandrina at Bedok's bus stop. Edwin came along too. They accompanied me to SNS to return Aunty her key. Chatted a lil with Germaine and left. Over to Orchard Forum to meet Joey, by the time, it was already 3. Sorry Joey! She didn't even blame us, how nice can she get. Briefed us on our pay and told Marilyn and Sandrina about their locations this coming week. I've stopped working already, I wanna enjoy my holidays now. Walked back to FarEast to meet Amanda and Jessica. Clumsy Marilyn split Milo Oreo on hers/my leg and Sandrina's skirt. Haha. Went to wash up. Marilyn and Edwin left first. Amanda and Jessica then came to find us. Left with Sandrina after a few minutes. She was supposed to go over to Bugis, but when we were on the train, he decided to meet her at FarEast. So she trained back to Orchard from Sommerset. As for me, I continued back to Outram Park and then HarbourFront.

Went to Sentosa by myself to find Hogan, Kai, Randall, Reign, Fadzly and Wenhao. By the time I got there, it was already 5plus. They were all tired. Sit down and chatted for awhile before I took a stroll on the beach alone with Sandrina on the phone with me. Wasn't really in the mood, don't know why either. Randall then accompanied me for Volleyball. Hogan and Fadzly joined in. Washed up at 7plus and left Sentosa. The guys wanted to take a bus back, but I had to take the MRT. So they accompanied me back to Vivo by tram. Thanks guys. Left them and trained to Bedok. Was super tired that I slept throughout the entire journey. My eyes could barely open. Despite being so tired, I had to wait for bus 228 for a gazillion years. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But I think I waited for that bloody bus for 20-25 minutes! Imagine that! Sheesh. Super pissed off lah. Finally reached Bedok Reservoir. Had my dinner and played with my nephew, Alvan/Weixiang. He's super super adorable and chubby. Home sweet home at 12plus.

It's 3am and I'm not asleep. I've to wake up at 8plus tomorrow because of some prayers they're having at 9plus at Bedok Reservoir. Then I'll be meeting Charmaine, Marilyn and Rowena at Town. How awesome is that? My eyebags are seriously gonna stand out. Okay, someone's rushing me to off my lappy again. So goodbye!

Hello Ling. (L)

Nephew, Alvan. (L)

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Hogan: uh me again!SENTOSA TOMORROW LEH!
Me: Yes you. :D I went for 2hours okay! Haha.

Jasmond: Aha,you seem like a christian,but after i see you took all those pics,then i realise that you are quite interested in this kind of religous thingy 1 more thing,we will be going to your temple for visit this coming sun...haha
Me: I'm just following my parents. Haha, you serious not?

pAsSeR to Regina: YOU HAVE SUCH A LOUSY FISGURE THEN STILL DARE TO WEAR COLURFUL BIKINI?? disgraceful.....and i think you look like a sec one student, you dun even look like 17 yrs old.....LOLS..... anyway, you are damm short and you havent got any pimples or menstration yet??
Me: Haha, at least I've a nice face unlike you. Looking young is good. I know you look old and you're envious. Don't worry, I understand. Sad to tell you, I've had my menstration when I was Secondary 2. Yes, I don't have pimples. Don't be jealous. (: And do you have anymore things to say besides these? Stop tagging the same things over and over again.

xiao lun to pAsSeR: what right do u have to say such things about her.. well it's up to her to wear whatever she wants.. do u know that u talking like that only makes u sound like a sicko..
Me: Hahah, thanks yea. (:

JOANNE: hello; ie just passing by your blog. & ie don't know who youre. i only browsing through from my friends link to you then saw from your photos. WOW, you're a babe. & you looks so pretty la.
Me: Hey there! Thank you. :D

ROWENA: er reg . is tonight i've fallen and i cant get up ... hahah .
Me: Sorry lah dey. Haha! See you tomorrow.

sandrina: you love me, i love you. love love here. love love there. alibaba!
Me: Alibaba your head! I love you too bitch.

Hogan: intro leh!ha!many people asking sia.! HA!
Me: Hogan CJL! Stop it. So you wanna be one of those irritating ones too luh? Ass. :P

Beautiful, just the way you are.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Temple: Day 2 / Work Is Over

I just got back from Bedok Reservoir a few minutes ago. I'm super duper tired now and I've totally no mood at all. I really don't know why. Anyway, work has finally ended today. Yay! Money's flying to me uber soon. Will be meeting my manager Joey tomorrow at Orchard Forum with Amanda, Marilyn and Jessica(?) at 2.30. Will be heading over to Sentosa tomorrow. Yes, again. Oh well. Im'ma sleep now, nights.

Tonight I'm falling and I can't get up.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Temple: Day 1

I just got back from Bedok Reservoir bout an hour ago. Daddy and Mommy came to fetch me after work and went straight there. Got prepared and waited. Bernice was there too! (L) She accompanied me the whole night. Over to Changi Beach to fetch the gods. Back at the temple, Rowena and I taught Jordan, English and Yingying, Mathematics. We seriously could vomit bloody, right Rowena? Haha. Alright, here are the photos for today. Goodnight, I've to off my lappy now.

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passer: anyway, can i know where u brought ur heart necklace from? and how much? thks
Me: It's from Perlini's Silver. I can't remember how much it is, cause I bought it quite a long time ago. No problem.

Amanda: Wife, send me the link you bought ur bikini (:

passer: if no party also need ticket ? erms get ticket from seller ? at whr ? >.<
Me: You've to pay to get in. Ask your friends who're selling or get it from me. I'll usually sell for underaged parties.

LC: hello! you just gotten those estee lauder and anna sui's makeup?
Me: Hey. Yep. (:

Hogan: eh what retard!ha!
Me: You! Hahah! :P

I wish you were here with me tonight.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Temple: Day Before Actual Day

I just got back from the Temple at Bedok Reservoir. Helped out Aunty Xiuzhen with the joss papers and stuff. This year's layout is much nicer compared to previous years. Those interested, please do come down to Bedok Reservior Blk 701 to have a look and give your respect (those who are Buddhist) to the gods. Alright, photo time. Enjoy!

Left: Louis, Marrcus, Keifer, Gordon.

Fadzly, Me, Keifer, Jessica, Randall.

Left: Jessica, Gordon Me. Right: Gordon, Keifer.

Me: Jessica, Dearest. (L)

Keifer's the extra.

Gordon & Jessica.

Jessica & Marrcus.

Louis, Marrcus & Jessica.

Louis, Marrcus, Keifer, Jessica & Ruth.

Left: Jessica & Kai BigOreo. Right: Reign (no one wants to rape you please).

Left: Volleyball-ing with Bangalas, super fun.

Left: Amelia, Fadzly, Randall.

Reign Twinney.

Left: Jessica & Ruth.

Randall, Reign & Jessica.

Amelia & Fadzly.

I love her to the max.


The two pyschos, Reign & Randall.

Left: Ruth, me & Jessica. Right: Outside Far East Plaza.


Kai big oreo.

The retard.

Estee Lauder's make up.

Estee Lauder's Pleasures Intense perfume.

Anna Sui foundation.

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Isabella: Wa, baby, got people say you look like BY2? HAHA okay, they are singaporen but went taiwan to be famous la!! haha, and i miss you, call you soon ok? rather busy nowadays.
Me: Lol, do I really look like them?! I miss you too luh! Okay, promise uh! Love you Baby. (L)

MY 部落交流站: you have a very good blog! Welcome you to join MY tribal exchange station site is completely free. Also hope to add to your blog popularity can exchange ideas.
Me: Thanks. (:

pb: you can go youtube and write ' by2' . there are mvs there. you really look liek them. aha.
Me: Haha, I've checked them out. Do I seriously look like them? Lol.

passer: if go clubbing, just like this go in can alr arhs ? or ? i wanna go clubbing but i dont know what are the procedures to do before entering the place . teach me pls :]
Me: You've to get your tickets from sellers and just give them to the bouncer before entering. But your age has to depend on what type of party it is.

MARILYN: thank reg for relinking me already (: muacks
Me: It's nothing Mar! :D Love you!

passer: is that guy hogan?you in love with him?
Me: Yes, he is. He's someone whom I can communicate with, well.

qw: bloating your eyes makes it look so obviously photoshopped and fake, not forgetting to mention ugly.
Me: That's what photoshop is for. And no, I didn't edit any pictures in my recent post. So my eyes ain't much a difference either.

CLay-: banana don post my chinese name la SOB*
Me: Lol! What banana! You call me banana again, I post your chinese name. Haha! :D

Passerby; Superwoman: haha, welcomeeddd (: Anw, you look chio in the sept 27 picture, consider putting as ur main picture . (: Haha, look cute.
Me: Thank you. (:

sK: nice songs.
Me: I love them too. :D

Me: Hi Trolley. *Chochoks you back with a stick*

Neek: Haha !! De Passerby Sibei No Life Sia.. **** BY2.. I Think He Kena Anal By 2.. Zzz..And Reg !! Yer Fotos Seem To Tell Me U Grew Taller Since De Last Time I Saw U.. =X
Me: Hahah, ignore them luh. Serious!? But my friends still claims that I've not grown. ):