Bite On Bullets: July 2008




Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suckiest Feeling Ever

28th July 2008

School as per normal. Had NAPFA at 2pm. I cried after I ran my 2.4km. My head was floating, my stomach was hurting and my legs were superbly soft. The feeling's horrible, terrible, vegetable. Thanks to everyone who showed their concern, especially Alicia and Sam. (L) Did the other 5 stations aftermath. And here were my results. 2.4km - 15mins(?), Shuttle Run - 11.1s, Sit & Reach - 36, Standing Broad Jump - 180, Sit Ups - 52, Incline Pull Ups - 17. I'm determined to exercise every week starting from next week. I wanna burn of some of my fats. Anyway, walked back home after NAPFA and prepared. Left for Downtown East to celebrate Rowena's birthday. We surprised her by telling her that some of us couldn't make it, and some would be late. She really fell for it. New York New York for dinner. And when Rowena arrived with Angela and Shawn, she was in tears to see us there. Surprised and angry at the same time. Aren't we awesome, Rowena? Laughs. Went to boxbox after dinner. Things came off smoothly. And I hope she's glad. Went off at 11.30pm or so. By the time I reached Pasir Ris MRT, the trains were all off service. So I called my brother to come and fetch me. It was damn quiet at that time, luckily Sam was there to accompany me on the phone. Had a tiff with Mummy as usual, for being back at 12.05am.


29th July 2008

Something happened, which really pissed me off. Oh well, at least it's over already. I won't bother too much either. Had our OFA exam at 4pm. Everything turned out quite well except for a some tinsy winsy error. Let's hope I can score for it. The examination lasted til 5.30pm. Walked back home from school aftermath.

Daddy left for a funeral, so I was left all alone. Went to meet Elliyana at Simei's Starbucks. She was with Juhaidah's sister and another girl, I've forgotton their names. Saw Clement and many of my Secondary schoolmates there. Sat down and slacked with them. I seriously wanna slap Elliyana, she wack my freaking leg so damn bloody hard til her hand mark was there. Stupid bitch. Laughs. Anyway, went back at 9.45pm.

Tears came flowing down again, as usual. That explains my emo post yesterday. Thanks Darling for cheering me up. The more you cheered me up, the more tears rolled down my face. Anyway, I really had to thank you. (L)

30th July 2008

I just came back from school not too long ago. Cried in school, again. Are humans really that heartless? And now I believe that nothing in this world is fair. Finally, I believe it. Whatever it is, I'd sincerely like to thank Amanda, Sandrina, Jessica and Sam. They were there for me. I love you guys. Nothing's more important then you all, including Isabella. (L) Im'ma gonna chiong my powerpoint presentation and finish it up by tonight, promise. Buhbye.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Tears Came Flowing Down

Why is it so difficult to trust someone? Sometimes I really ponder, who can I really trust? I'm not me these few days. The happy-go-lucky Regina is gone, and the crybaby is back in town. When was the last time since I cried? I guess maybe it's about a few months back. Well, I just have to live with it.

Sometimes, I can't bring myself to believe those words. But it came from their mouths. Who knows, it could be true. Things you said made my heart skip a beat. But on the other hand, those few words came back into my mind. How I wish it wouldn't come true. Little actions from strangers, meant so much to me. Crying deep inside, hoping it isn't true. But what if it comes true one day? I would be speechless. That's reality. Just a few words from others, could bring me down. How I wish I can never fall. Time will prove it all.

One problem after another, would it end? Why does it always have to clash together, at the same time? It really pisses me off. But I can do nothing about it. Because that's life. It's always full of ups and downs. I hate it when there's quarrels, even if it doesn't concerns me. Can everything really be resolved? Or is it just an excuse to escape from it?

Many say that attitude is one of the factors to success. Well, I think that many people use it too much. When you have that too-much-attitude, you become insignificant to those around you. You wouldn't care bout how others would feel.

Oh well, after all this random rantings. My eyes really need to take a break. It's really small and swollen now. Sorry if I spouted any nonsense or irrelevant stuff. Goodbye.

And where did the happy me go?

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sandrina: see when you free again, go your hse and slack!
Me: Sure. (:

queeny: pretty, you are linked! ((:
Me: Thanks Queeny! :D

HANYING: Really hope to see you soon ya! :D
Me: Yea, hope to see you soon too darling! Love.

hello: i think youre pretty. youre not fat la. stupid passerby judges people with his **** eyes.
Me: Thanks. Hahah. It's alright, let them say what they want. (:

x: can i know what is your height and weight ? because i'm your size too, so envious that you can wear till so pretty(:
Me: I'm only 150cm, 40+kg. Be confident bout yourself. (:

pp: well u have a sweet face lei :D
Me: Thank you. (:

huisi: hahah. give me time and ill link you okay !
Me: Sure sure. Thanks Ahsi.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Woke up at 10plus by a message. Changed and got prepare. Got a lil pissed off in the morning by the usual naggings from my parents. Met Sam at Tpy, because he had to help his dad with some stuff and ended up being late. It's okay, being the kind-hearted person I am, I forgive you. Off we went to Plaza Singapura. Ate a little, and caught Hancock. Quite a nice show, although some of the parts were not realistic at all. Anyway, walked to Orchard aftermath. Decided to take a bus down to Bugis because that retarded boy wanted to drink his Banana Tango. And guess what? He got a wrong drink, a Banana Milkshake instead. Stupid boy. Laughs. Saw Ahdan. His eyes started itchy and got a lil red. So, went to get his solution which he spent 11 bucks on. He refused to go back home, and insisted on sending me back. So, we trained back to Simei and had dinner together. Sent him to 31's bus stop and home sweet home. Overall, today's really enjoyable. (L)

And I can't believe I almost forgot that my NAPFA's tomorrow. My goodness. Let's hope my stomach doesn't fail on me. (Crosses fingers) Wish me luck, peeps! And all the best to those having NAPFA too. Peace out.

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passby: youre fat
Me: Yes, I am. Do you have a problem with that? (:

desiree: okies! i've relinked you. hahaha. if you r sad, go sing k, it will liften up ur mood! tried n tested! =))
Me: Laughs, alright. Thanks ya.

ROWENA: LOL ANOTHER ROWENA HAHAHA . damn my name is common ._.
Me: It's only one, and not a dozen. You think too much, my cousin. -.-

ROWENA: hello cousin , *ahem . 1*ahem more *ahem day . *ahemahemahemmmmz :D
Me: Hello, again. Oh, really? I didn't know that. Laughs. :D

lilian: new bf uh.last long. :)
Me: He's not my boyfriend. (:

Jasmond: relinked you.....
Me: Thanks.


I was rotting at home, when Ms Katherine Lee Yuan Ping rang me up asking where I was. So, I told her I was rotting at home. She started complaining about how her friends made her wait for an hour plus, and still haven't showed up. Being a kind soul, I accompanied her on the phone and suddenly I went 'Do you wanna go out with me!?'. And guess what? We ended up on the streets at Orchard, two hours later! Laughs.

Went to find Amanda and Sandrina at Tangs, where they were giving out fliers. Walked over to FarEast with my darling, because I wanted to get a dress damn effin badly. Ended up with a red and white one. She said it looked very sweet and elegant on me. Laughs. Anyway, Amanda and Sandrina came over to FarEast to find us after work. Katherine met up with Ziyang and another guy. Walked over to CineLeisure aftermath. Saw Bern, Shanshan, Shawn, Cheeseng etc. Sam and Yap reached, and we accompanied them for dinner. Met Jessica, Elisha and co. Something happened after that. Shan't say much about it. Everything's over, and I'm glad. Heard that both, Amanda and Sandrina, are sick. Maybe it's because of the weather. Do takecare of yourselves yea? Love you girls. They went off after dinner. Walked back to FarEast because the two boys wanted to get their SweetTalk. Katherine was supposed to find us, but she ended up staying at CineLeisure with her friends instead. Slacked at FarEast with those two. They accompanied me to CityHall before going back to Tpy. Thanks eh. Home sweet home. And my blister's back on my feet again. How great.

Had an awesome time with Katherine. We shall go out again, soon. (L) Amanda and Sandrina, do remember to takecare of yourself ya. (L) Alright, I shall go to my lala-land now. Will be going to Town tomorrow once again. Goodnight.

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Joleen.: Relinked you already darl. Hope to see you soon! Btw i'm fine. You? Love you! :D
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Me: Thanks Mar! Love you lah. Mwah.

r0wee: omg, there's another ROWENA =] okay, dont get mixed up, i'm shuffling row, HAHA. anyways, relinked! AND YOU KNOW YUAN PING TOO! haha
Me: Laughs, yea. The other Rowena's my cousin. Yes yes, I do know her! She's my classmate. :D

SHILI: Hey regina ! Still the same lo , you ? Haha , relinked le , misses too ! =)
Me: Hey Shili! I'm fine too. (: Thank you very much!

Amanda: Lol . it's not about pink pink is ur fonts all very small .
Me: Yes yes. I've already made them bigger, just for you! I love you.

HANYING: Hey babe! I miss you! :D
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jingwen`: heys. ^^ habb relinkk you. hmm, cheer ups. being upset is not like you yeahs. =)
Me: Thanks Jingwen! Thanks a bunch. Don't worry, I'm back to my normal self already. Heheh. (:

Friday, July 25, 2008


Amanda, Katherine, Alicia. You guys are the best, I swear. (L)

Was feeling really down and upset in the morning. Didn't utter a single word when I was on the way to school with Amanda, I'm sorry. (L) Eyes got swollen during OFA. Thanks to everyone and also Mr Ng who showed their care and concern, really appreciated. I was really fortunate to have my beloved girls by my side, through the entire day. And I'm thankful for that.

Amanda, Katherine and Alicia, you girls are like gems to me. Thank you for everything, today. Without you girls, I don't know what would be left of me besides having really puffy eyes. You all are really important to me. I felt much better after two whole hours of crying. Letting everything out really makes one feel better. Today, I realised that there are a whole lot more of people who really care bout me and treats me true. Never have I thought something like this would happen. But everything's unpredictable. And yes, I still love my girls like I always do no matter what. We'll stick together through thick and thin, promise. I love y'all. (L)

Trained down to City Plaza with Amanda after school. Saw Amicell at Paya Lebar. Walked around and ended up with nothing. Hailed a cab to Aljunied where we continued our train journey to CityHall. I was feeling really restless, my eyes were half opened. They were seriously about to close anytime, but I held on to it. Walked over to Peninsular to help Katherine and Alicia to get their hoodies. Didn't buy mine, cause I'm gonna get my pokka dotted hoody online. Home sweet home.

Before I could even get my beauty sleep, Mr Fam asked me down to Tampines to meet him, Terry, Yap and Yibin. So, I sacrificed my lack of sleep for them. Bathed, got changed and headed down to Tampines. Met them at KFC, and chit-chatted. Bought bubble tea and off they went. Walked around with S aftermath. He sent me back home at 8plus. Thank you. Being such a kind soul, I sent him to 31's bus stop and accompanied him til the bus arrived before walking back home.

Tomorrow's gonna be a boring day, I guess. I shall sleep all day long, so my eyes won't be that puffy. Sweetest dreams everyone.

Things Changes

And I seriously thought I was the one, closest to your heart. But in a matter of fact, things will definitely change. How foolish was I to think that I was the best in your heart. Maybe everything was just part of my wishful thinking, isn't it? It really hurts me. Do I actually still believe in the word, Forever?

Better of alone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Feeling really restless now, don't know why either.

Went over to Tampines after school today with Amanda to meet Sandrina. Got my liquid and pencil eyeliner and my Hellokitty pen. Trained home aftermath. Had dinner, and started watching my television. Talking to that dumbdumb now, he's pissing me off. Arsehole.

Anyway there won't be Sports & Wellness tomorrow! So I'll be going to school at 10.30 instead. Hoho. Alright, I shall continue finishing adding all my contacts in my MSN now. Goodbye, love.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome All

Hello my dearest readers, my new blog's finally done. Thanks to that dumbdumb for helping me find my blogskin. Anyway, a big thanks to those who've relinked me. It's appreciated.

Stayed back after school today with Amanda, Kat, Alicia, Finn & Ken to finish up our role play's script. Did everything within an hour. Went down to the Stadium with Kat to meet Sam. We ran the track. Kat asked one of her athletics' friend to accompany her to run, so ended up running with Sam who kept pushing me to run when my stomach was dammit painful. Just because he can run superbly fast. Thanks uh. Anyway, I only ran about 4 rounds. 3 rounds continueously, and the last one with a lil walking. Walked back to Simei with Kerner aftermath. Had a good chat with him on the way back. Alright, it's time to do my Accounts assignment now. Goodbye.