Bite On Bullets: September 2010




Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phelove's 1st Birthday

Was invited to Pearl's daughter's 1st birthday party at Downtown East last Saturday on the 25th. Was late to meet my girlies Iris and Weiting cause of work. Weiting ended up leaving first because she had an appointment with her friends. Managed to see her for 5 seconds when we walked past each other though!

Had an awesome time with Iris together with Phelove. And here are the pictures from Iris's iPhone 4!

Pearl and Phelove.

The birthday princess!

Weiting, Iris and Phelove.

With Pearl.

Us with Phelove!

Motherly, no? Hahaha!

She's so chubby and adorable!


Her daddy, Caiquan, disturbing her with her frog, Kugua(they named it Kugua cause of the sound the frog makes, but in chinese).


With my cuppycake, Iris!

Moving on. Work has been really hectic. Life has been really mundane. Work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep and this list carries on. Guess it's better than nothing. Or I'd be rotting at home every single day. Thankfully for my beloved babygirl, Valerie NXT who has been accompanying me during/to and fro work. Love you.

Anyway, the manufacturer for my skin problem pills(which are actually made of herbs) just came over to my place to pass me my tablets. Gotta start taking them again before my current condition worsens.

Now I'm back to the old routine. Gotta avoid eating chicken(I love chicken btw), no oily/fried food/nuts/beancurd/alcohol(which I don't touch til now, thankfully), no dying of hair and lastly, no late nights! Omg. Someone please kill me. This means I can't go for Smoove's events anymore?! Nooooo! I really need to recover soon! Help! Sigh.

On a brighter note, this will make me lose weight.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Kitty Perfume

I'm back! Told y'all I would be back soon. Teehee.

Anyway, I finally decided to get my Hello Kitty Perfume today. Don't wanna regret when it's not available anymore. Cause this situation always happens to me, and it sucks big time. Goodbye 80 bucks. It's as though I worked for free today, but it's all worth it!

Next, Dior Addict II. You're gonna be mine baby!

It even comes together with a pink ribbon necklace(mostly why I bought it)! Ain't it pretty?! Hehehe. Now I'll have a hard time deciding which necklace to where. This one or my favourite Hello Kitty diamond necklace, which costs so much more than this.

Moving on. Had my off day yesterday as requested, as I knew I would be so tired from the event, The Grid at Scape, on Friday night. Having another off day tomorrow! Awesome. I guess I'll be at home resting, since my legs feel like they're breaking from all the standing the entire day.

Shall have an early night. Ciaoz!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



It's been so long since I had a proper update on this space! Are you surprised!?

Shall do a quick update during past few weeks/months.

  • New white Blackberry
  • Dyed my hair
  • Shifted to my new house
  • Mugged for examinations
And that was prolly about it.

Smoove's Step Up 3 movie screening at Plaza Singapura on the 3rd of September was real good, we finally had an outing together as a whole team. It's my second time catching it though, and I wouldn't mind going again! Madness? Hell no, the movie is da bomb! Never have I missed any screening of Step Up. If you've yet to catch it, please do! Especially the 3D version.

Over to Starbucks once the movie ended. Chit chatted, collected to rebate, and took photos! Incase you guys still don't know how my hair colour looks like now, here it is! My black roots are starting to show though! And I really miss my previous hair length. It got chopped off about 2-3 inches. Damn.

I know I've a fat face, you don't have to remind me.



Silvien, she was w/o make up so I had to cover her eyes. Lol!


Shuwen and Esther!

Moving on. Yesterday was the last day of exams! So exhausted from it. I've been sleeping between 3-5am everyday, mugging for exams. It's really tiring. Finally, the holidays are here! Not like I'll be relaxing or anything, but instead I'm heading back to Sephora to work starting Thursday! Gonna keep my time occupied and earn more money for myself. If you happen to drop by Sephora ION and recognise me, do say hi alright!

Will be meeting the cousins for dinner at IKEA later. Still feeling really bloated from last night's ice-cream buffet dinner at ION's Swensens! Everything was so sweet, felt like I was in heaven! But I guess I had a tad too much! So my diet is gonna be starting from today onwards! Really need to start slimming down.

Alright, Imma go prepare. Promise to update soon! Big love.