Bite On Bullets: September 2009




Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fann Wong & Christopher Lee's Big Day

Don't they just look so happy together?

This is weird, but I've always been wanting for them to get together. And yes, they have been together for 9 years. Finally they are married.

Imagine how their kid will look like. He/She would definitely be one handsome/pretty child. I've always been envious of the both of them. Who isn't? Just look at Fann & Christopher. I wouldn't mind being their child. Haha! Fat hope.

I like seeing happy couples get married. It makes me wanna be like them too. Yeah, I'll have to wait a couple more years before I'll be like them. Oh oh, and I heard that 1 of my friends' attending their wedding. Hell! I wanna be there too.

Well, not like they'll ever read this. But, all the best to the both of them and may they have a blissful marriage. They're still my favourite actor and actress. I sound like a fanatic now. Okay, cool it.

I so wanna have a grand wedding and a beautiful gown too! Hehe. Baby..........................................


Remember I was saying about 1 of my friends' who went to the wedding dinner? He actually turns out to be Fann's cousin! What the heck! Is the world small or what?!

Okay, that's all I've to say. Hehe.

Blading, Again

Went blading in the morning with Weiting once again. This time round, we were much faster compared to the previous time we went. Well, we'd better be since the last time we went was like only 4 days ago. We only slightly less than an hour to get to the Lagoon and then back to Inline Culture.

And I was in luck once again, Syakirin was working today! Which also means free blades for me. Thanks darling! Hehe. Had Subway's for lunch. It's been so long since I last had Subway. Yum yums.

Bused and trained back home. Got my hair dyed myself. The colour still looks the same. It's just a tinsy bit lighter than before. It colour's somewhat like ash-brown.

The rest of the pictures below. And they were all taken by my PradaLuv. I think it was in a good mood and decided to let me take awesome quality pictures.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book In Day

Vivo with Baby - Homed - Dinner with relatives to celebrate Claire's first Holy Communion.

Shall let the pictures do the talking today, since there are like a gazillion photos today. Okay, exaggerating much.

Photo spam of yours truely coming up!

Will be going blading with Weiting again in the evening tomorrow! It's a good form of exercise. Hehe. Goodnight!

P/S: I love my HoganBaby. Another 5 more days before I can see him again. Flying kisses.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Went East Coast Park for blading in the morning with Weiting. Finally, something I've been wanting to do for a long time. When we reached, I found out that Syakirin was working there. Darn lucky, I borrowed her blades and didn't need to pay. Hehehe. Thanks Syakirin!

At first when we started, I was so afraid I'd fall as I've not been blading for the longest time ever! Slowly got the hang of it. Blading is one tiring exercise. Our legs were aching from all blading after an hour. Went back after 2 hours to return the blades and off to Parkway to meet Charmaine.

Had Roxy Square's tom yam ban mian for lunch and homed.

Suddenly, I had this urge to cut my hair. So, got changed and trained to Whitesands' NK and finally got my over-thick hair cut! So this is me now.

Okay, I know I look the same. But I tell you, the difference is huge. My head feels much lighter now. And you guys should totally check out the amount of hair which was on the floor after it was being cut. That's how thick my hair was. Anyhow, I prefer it like this now. Heh.

Over to Charmaine's place for dinner. Her Dad da pao-ed Joo Chiat's Wanton Mee for us.

Suddenly, Eben rang me up asking me to Mahjong with Marilyn and Xingyao. Was not in the mood for Mahjong at all. He kept bugging me. But was feeling bad if I rejected, because I've already rejected him before and he also said that he'll pay if I lose. Yeah, he was that desperate for Mahjong khaki.

A few things happened during the game, and I knew they were coming. Shan't mention bout it. Everything's over now.

Baby's booking out tomorrow! Can't wait. Love you Baby! Goodnight ya'll. (Y)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singapore Cricket Club

Accompanied Daddy for lunch to Singapore Cricket Club. It was only supposed to take us about 10-15 minutes to reach SCC from City Hall, but no, we took 30 minutes instead. And why? It's because of the F1 Formula Race that's happening this weekend. The roads were all blocked, and we couldn't even walk past the tracks although there were no vehicles in sight.

The nearest train station to SCC was actually Raffles Place, since we had to walk past it instead of making one big round. Oh well.

After lunch, we took a stroll down Clark Quay and I caught some pictures of Daddy.

Haha! Uber adorable. Headed over to Bugis for some retail therapy. And Daddy paid for all my stuff today. Thank you Dd! Love.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I love chu. (Y)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Love, My Life

Met Baby in the afternoon, we didn't know what to do as usual. Roamed around Town. Decided to catch a movie at Cathay, so we headed over to Plaza Sing to walk around. Got some stuff before we went to get the tickets.

Caught "The Ugly Truth", an awesome show. And that was about it. Pictures while we were waiting for time to pass.

The rest's on my FB and I think Hogan's got a lot of fun-neh expressions.

Time really flies. Baby's gonna have to book in again tomorrow. Will be going over to his place to accompany him before he goes back in. Shall head to bed soon. Goodnight, xo.

P/S: I've realised that he's the only one that I'll ever love. He's the best I can ever have. I can't do w/o him. I love you, HoganCJL. (Y)

Pictures From Steamboat

Our table.

The other table.