Bite On Bullets: March 2009




Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Auntie Helena!

Happy Birthday, Auntie Helena! :)
She's Baby's mummy. Wishing her all the best in everything she does! She's a real nice person who'd crack a joke or two when there's a conversation going on. Hope she enjoyed her day too! Happy happy birthday once again!

Had lunch with Daddy and Brother at Singapore Cricket Club. I've always been a fan of their fried bee hoon. But their speciality is actually the Fish & Chips. I think there's something wrong with me. Brother had to go for some casting at Paya Lebar so he dropped me and Daddy at Raffles Place. Did some shopping there.

Nine West was having a sale. So, Daddy asked if I wanted to enter. Damaged myself with $75 for a pair of heels. All Daddy's fault. Keep telling me how cheap it was. But yeah, it's a steal. I kept hinting for him to get it for me, but he kept hinting back to me that I could use my pay. Sheesh. But I love their heels because it's super comfortable. Got it in metallic purple. Daddy then left for Bedok.

Met Baby at CityHall and over to Marina Square. Another quarrel. I hate MS, cause I realised that everytime we're there, we'll definitely quarrel. It's damn irritating. I'm glad it was all over. Something hilarious then happened after Baby's lunch/dinner. Inside joke, right Babes? Lmao. He sent me home and I had instant noodles for dinner today. I didn't even finish half of it. Something's wrong with my diet.

I'll be meeting my girls, Iris and Weiting tomorrow for Pizza! Woo! Finally, another outing. See you girls tomorrow! Xoxo. And also, there's training tomorrow. Which means, I've to sleep early tonight. Goodnight world!

Dumb Cramps

Some overdued peekies from the 25th. Anyway, yesterday was a nightmare. I suddenly woke up at 3am and started tossing and turning with a superbly painful stomach. Stupid cramps. I swore that this has never happened to me, it's the first. It was hurting so badly that I cried. I rang the boyfriend of mine, but that pig was so soundly asleep. How sad can my life get. So anyway, I only managed to fall back asleep at 4am. Imagine, the one hour of tortue. Fyi, I fell asleep only my sitting up. Dumb shit. I hate that-time-of-the-month! Urgh!

I got up again for work with a hurting stomach. I almost died while I was at work. Luckily there weren't that many people today. And yes, today's the last day of work at Parkway. Thanks to those customers who entertained me. Not like they'll ever see this. Goodbye Cold Storage staff! There were all very friendly and even entertained me, except for one or two. Shall see you guys soon.

Brother, Daddy, Mummy, Auntie P and Uncle G came to fetch me after work and over to Joo Chiat for dinner. I was starving! And I could only see all of them eat the Ha Chiong Gai(fried chicken). Sad. I got real upset after dinner, because the famous 'Pao' shop didn't have my Tau Sa Pao! We went there too late. Mummy actually wanted to go over before dinner, but my Auntie said we'll go over after dinner. Sheesh. I love the pao there! It's nice, small and cute. Haha! Oh well, another time. Baby said he'll get it for me. I want the Joo Chiat one okay! Hee.

I just got back from not too long ago. Brother was being super random and he drove over to Parkway after dinner and played Pool with me. Haha. Yes, only my brother and me. Romantic eh? Lol. I was supposed to win 2 rounds alright! But I got the black ball in as well as the white in the first round. And the second? I was supposed to use the rest because I couldn't reach/aim properly and brother gave me the stare. So I didn't use it and missed. Sheesh. At least I lost all the matches to him by the black/one ball.

Bye, I shall hug my stomach to bed now.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

It's 8.30pm now! Off your lights in your houses everyone! It's Earth Hour! Let's do our part to save the earth just for an hour. My lights are all off except for my lappy which is on.

Anyway, I came straight home after work and had fries for dinner. So pathetic, I know. I shall go drink my mushroom soup now. Buhbye!


So the one hour without lights was nothing to me, except for the part where I couldn't find my stuff. It took me like 5 minutes to dig out food from the cupboard. Torturing I tell you. Anyway, those blocks opposite mine didn't play their part! Evil. Can't they like just off their lights for one hour? Global warming know. I sound like I'm from NEA. Sheesh.

After the one hour of saving the Earth, as I was watching television, I saw this lizard climbing up the wall near the fake flowers. Freaking shiat. I asked Daddy to kill it. He didn't want to in the beginning, he said he don't wanna take lives, so poorthing. Yeah right. But in the end, he got forced by me to kill it. I'm evil. Muahaha. During the whole process, I was perspiring like don't-know-what. I had to pull the big flower pot, near the television, away from the lizard in order for Daddy to hit it. I was super scared. I managed to pull it away after 5 minutes of screaming. And once I did, I ran and jumped on my sofa set. Haha, loser I know. It died! Yessah.

I still remembered this incident which happened a few years back when I was still staying at Siglap. I was pouring my Oreo ceral into my Power Puff Girls bowl when suddenly, a lizard jumped onto my bowl then to my hand and finally to the floor. I screamed damn loudly, dropped the bowl and ran to my living room's sofa. Oh my gawd. How embarrassing. Damn you, lizard! I hate lizards! They're horrible creatures though they help to eat mosquitoes. But lizards can make a person deaf if its tail goes into the ear of someone. How freaky.

Enough of grandmother stories. Baby is having a really bad headache. It's a headache he'll get monthly, and it's super painful. So, I drew a few pictures on messenger for him. Laugh all you want. I'm not an artist.

My webcam was not functioning again just now. But I'm glad it is now. Oh! And I've also got myself a tank dress from TopShop just now during my break. Hehehe. Ciao.

Friday, March 27, 2009


My whole body's feeling hot. Guess I'm having a slight fever and I still have to work tomorrow. How dreadful.

First day of work was alright, I count myself lucky though. They were having this Kit-Kat sure-win game with the machine there. All the customers just had to spend $5 on any Kit-Kat products and they'll be entitled for a chance. I asked Daddy to try his luck and he got himself a file. Haha! The best price was a thumbdrive, too bad no one got it.

The Nestle girl who was in-charge of that "roadshow", got my number from me as she needed more girls to help out in these kind of events. Lucky me. Extra income coming my way again! Hehehe.

Met Daddy for lunch and walked around. No wonder I was feeling so cold even while having lunch. I guessed a hit a target of 10 boxes which was quite good as there weren't many customers walking pass my aisle. Hopefully there'll be more customers tomorrow so I won't be so bored.

Ended work slightly later today because something cropped up in the morning which made Joey unable to send me the details of everything. Waited for Baby for 40 minutes. It looks like I'm the one who's always waiting for him. He's the Rubberband-Time King while Charmaine's the Rubberband-Time Queen. Lol. Walked around Giant and got some things to munch on. Baby got me Kinder Surprise too! Hee! Luvluv.

Anyway, I heard that tomorrow's Earth Day. So the government is gonna be switching off most of the lights all around Singapore for this 1 hour event. All households are supposed to be participating in this too by offing their lights and stuff. It's gonna be happening from 8.30pm - 9.30pm tomorrow! So do not get shocked if the lights outside your house suddenly going off eh.

Alright, I think I'm gonna rest now. If not I won't be able to pull myself to work tomorrow if my fever doesn't subside.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back To Work

My title says it all. It's back to work again! I'll be starting work tomorrow from 11am - 7pm at Parkway all the way to Sunday. Find me if you can. Haa! I'll be promoting ice cream! All I dread is the feeling of waking up early at prolly 9plus. It's counted early for me. During my holidays, I don't wake up til after 12. But on the other hand, money's coming my way again! Hehehe.

Got outta my place in the evening and met Baby at Town again. This time, we finally met up with my Boss, Joey. Like finally! Baby's most prolly getting the full-time job, because the part-time job's full. The pay's acceptable. Joey then told me my shift and passed me all the spoon samples and box. Over to FEP to eat. Waited for Fadzly there as well. Bused down to Tampines from there. Waited for the rest like ke long only. I think we waited for about 3-4 hours? Gees.

Peiqin then arrived. They left for the chalet while I headed home. Didn't get to go down to the chalet today because it was already quite late when they booked in. Can't get to see the gang again. I'll be missing out so much fun. Sigh.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm missing Baby so so much. I'm on the verge on crying. Oh man.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I feel like I'm being used. Shiat. Remember my incident which happened last week where I was supposed to meet my Boss at Clementi and when I arrived, she text me saying to meet me only next week? The same thing happened again today! It's like de javu, how scary.

Now, I've a super duper mega humungous problem! I've to meet my Boss at 4.30 pm at Orchard Forum and on the other hand, I've Vball training tomorrow at 5! I can't be two places at one time right? Gawd, I'm stuck. Someone help me! What's more? I just texted her requesting to push the meeting time forward and she ain't replying at all! Gees! This sucks.

Enough bout my complains. Day was spent well with Baby. I was showing him my long black face because of what happened the day before, but luckily he gave in to me this time. Well, he was at fault okay! Baby, don't get angry when you see this. I wanna boast about it because you seldom give in to me. Hehehe.

Rotted at his place and watched Russell Peters. He seems to be in love with Russell Peters talk shows, he even imitates the way Russell Peters talk! Gosh. Left for Town at around 4 and went for dinner at PastaMania followed by FEP to search for his shoes. Didn't manage to find them though. Got really sleepy and tired after Wisma, I swear I could have slept anywhere. Fyi, it was only 8. Don't know the reason why either. So I went straight home while Baby went to meet his LS friends.

I'm now waiting for him patiently, again. He's watching Twilight at Guoqing's. That reminds me, I'm like a snail. Yes, I've not caught Twilight. That's because I've not finished with the book! I didn't manage to pick out time cause I've been real busy. So, since I'm free like a bird now I shall continue with it. Twilight, here I come!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Once In A Blue Moon

Heyo! Quite a busy day today. Was out by 1230 to Bedok with Daddy. Had lunch and went for my dental appointment. Was in this room with the dentist and his assistant for prolly half an hour and bam! $132! Gawd! I've never knewn it'd be so costly. Got scolded by Mummy when she came back. Luckily it lasted for only 5 minutes. It wasn't my fault, really. How would we know that it'll go up til that price? It's like daylight robbery. But now, Regina has white teeth! (Grins widely)

Trained back to Simei and accompanied Daddy to FairPrice. Got our stuff and headed home. Guess what I got myself. Timtam chocolates(my brother's so gonna finish the two packets), KinderJoy and my Kleenex tissue pack in Disney characters. That pack of tissue's super handy, and the design's super adorable.

KinderJoy! I've always been a fan of Kinder Surprise since I was a lil girl. But they stopped manufacturing them a few years back and couldn't be found anywhere in Singapore. So I switched to Kinder Bueno, which is currently my favourite chocolate. The excitement in Kinder Surprise was wondering what toy we'd get each time. And of course, being kids we'd certainly like to collect all of em'.

Guess what's this? It's actually a fish toy! Lmao. Now I've this orange fishy occupying a tiny place on my table. I think that Kinder Surprise's toys are much nicer than KinderJoy and also the chocolate part. I miss the whole chocolate egg thingy which you can bite off. Oh man.

Rotted at home til 5 before meeting Marilyn at Tampines. Went for our facial which lasted for an hour or so. Did my eyebrow shaping too, it hurt so much that I teared. I've never ever teared when doing that so many times before. This is my first. Marilyn was super poorthing, her whole face was red after the facial as though she applied the entire box of her blusher on her face. Why? Because they squeezed all her pimples out to make it less visible. Like ke funny only.

I still prefer Jean Yip though. Their facial treatment's fabulous! I've been there a couple of times and I enjoy each treatment! Shall ask Mummy to bring me there again soon.

The place was really well decorated.

Rushed back home after everything was done because I promised my brother to cook Mushroom Spaghetti for him and myself. Yeah, it's my first time. It took me quite awhile, but it was a real successful one. Bro finished the entire plate of it, it was shaped like a mountain I tell you.


Alright, I'm waiting for Baby to reach back home now. Didn't wanna go out today, so I couldn't meet him. I'm sorry luv. So he went for lan gaming session again with Fadzly and the rest of the gang. I suddenly remembered that I need to bring all my jeans, including my Levi's one which I haven't worn for about a year, for alteration! I've been wanting to do so for the longest time! Gees.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Met Marilyn at Tampines Interchange slightly after 2. We planned to go for a facial, but it was a full house today. So we'll be going back for our appointment at 5 tomorrow evening. Walked around and Marilyn spent $60 in 10 minutes getting her Majolica Majorca make up and now she has to stay home the entire week. Poor Marmar. We were playing with Marilyn's new make up and Rowena decided to be the guinea pig. She's putting make up for the first time ever! Holy shit! Pictures of her below.

Went over to Marilyn's and waited for everyone to arrive before heading to dinner at Blk 844 Tampines Street 82 for Zi Cha. The food there's really mouth-watering, especially the crabs. But of course, we didn't order the crabs today as it was Charmaine's treat on getting her first pay slip as a teacher in a kindergarten school. So sweet eh? Thanks Charmaine! Luv. We were all very bloated after the dinner, Rowena got me my honeydew too. Thanks! Luv. We took a nice stroll to the bus stop at Tampines Stadium. The feeling was great. Headed back home by seperate ways.

Eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.

Our pretty Rowrow!

I like this peeky.

We travelled all the way there for this, Chai Por Fish! The most expensive dish among all, and also the best.

My all-time favourite, Sweet and Sour Pork.

Hot Plate Beancurd.

Fu Yong Tan.

Baby Kai Lan with Mushroom.

Claypot Chicken.

Our beloved Charmaine. Check out what she's doing.

She used the bigger spoon and fed herself with veges! Lmao!

Thanks Char! (Inserts hearts)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spent the evening/night at Charmaine's. Everyone was there excluding Rowena and Shawn. Oh well.

I got up real late today. It was actually quite early just that I refused to get outta bed because of my hurting stomach and also due to laziness. So, I only had my lunch at 3. Daddy chased me to Pasir Ris at 4. All of them waited for me at Whitesands, followed by FairPrice & KFC. Here are today's pictures.





Yours truely.


Bubble wrap is a fun game!

Oh, we ended up playing Monopoly at her place. I was the big winner! Well, Charmaine asked me to say this because she and the rest didn't wanna play anymore. But I really was! In terms of property. At least I wasn't bankrupt! Haha. My properties are right at the bottom! Many eh!?

Alright, I'm heading to bed soon. Auntie Irene is going back to Perth tomorrow. Hope she has a safe trip back!

P/S: My whole entire family's going on a Genting trip this coming May(?)! Awesome! The cousins are gonna have so so so much fun!