Bite On Bullets: March 2010




Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zhi Xiong's 21st

Happy 21st Birthday, Xiong!

Went straight over to his birthday chalet after work.

With the birthday boy.

Shanshan and Bernice. Miss them truckloads!

He was superbly drunk even before the birthday cake cutting session, thanks to his friends. He couldn't even stand/walk properly without the help of others. How terrible. Tsk.

Managed to catch the last bus home and thanks to Bernice, Shan, Huisi and Yuepei(and her bf) for your company! Meet you girls again soon alright? Xoxo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Dates

Been busy these past 2 days helping out at Mummy's office at Parkway for some Admin work.

Finally, I got to meet up with my two girlies, Iris and Weiting, yesterday! Dinner and movie at E!hub.

At BBQ Chicken, while waiting for our food to come.



With Iris. Our eye bags ftw man.

Check the the portion of our food, especially mine.

My chicken cutlet. Is the portion gigantic or what!?!

Iris's spicy tomato spaghetti.

Weiting's chicken.

Then we went for a movie, Kidnapper.

I love this show, it's really thrilling yet emotion. It's damn good, especially with Christopher Lee acting in it. Teehee. Ya'll should go catch it!

Though our time spent was short, I still enjoyed every moment of it. See you girls soon! Love. Xoxo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Currently at work at Mummy's office. Just to do some keying-in of data.

Anyway, whilst I was packing my drawers last night, I found this Hello Kitty bracelet.

Cute right?! I like it. All the hidden treasures, found some stuff I used to own in Primary school too.

During lunch break, Mummy and I met Aunty Irene, Godma Cat and Godma Daisy for lunch at a peranakan restaurant in Joo Chiat.

Effin bloated, don't think I'd be able to have dinner later. Alright, gotta go and finish up the rest of the work.

Oh oh. Before I go, my Coach wristlet has finally arrived! Yay!

Hello baby!

Friday, March 19, 2010

COUP!! The Party @ St James Powerhouse

It was a blast! Thanks to everyone who made it there. Hope you guys had fun! After the party ended, went over to BK Eating House with the rest of the clique.

Though something huge happened and everyone was uber upset, but I'm glad there were no quarrels/blaming. That's what real friends are for, right guys?

Need not say much more, so here are the pix! The other half is in FB. Photospam by me and some of my girlies, big thanks to Sherwin for his camera!

Wisely and Ruth.

The crowd was krazyyy!


DJ Tok and the MC.





Jiahao and Fadzly.

The bouncers and the "door bitches". Our duty was just to give out drink coupons.

Peiqin, Ruth.

Silviien's friend, Silviien, Peiqin.

Spotted Sherwin in action!


Xueling, Sufen, Peiqin, Ruth.



Shermine and Sherwin.

Shixiong, Wisely, Kai and Solomon.

Kai aka Big Oreo!



Solomon and Shixiong.


Peace out!