Bite On Bullets: October 2008




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BBQ Food

I only reached home at about 10.30pm. So this was how my day went.

School as per normal at 11 in the morning. Entreprenuership - Break - Accounting. Didn't attend Biz Com though. Was too tired to even keep my eyes opened. So, took 38 back home with Cheryl after Accounting. She came over to watch me sleep/use my lappy. I only woke up at 4.35pm. Changed and over to Tampines Mall to meet Jingwen and Nadila. Got their stuff and Cheryl had her Long John's. Jingwen and Nadila then left.

Cheryl & I continued walking around Tampines and Century. Guess what? I got myself a white tube dress and two Guess? bags! Haha! That Cheryl, tempted me to get the other bag. But oh well, I really like it. Grins. There goes my 200bucks! Mommy's gonna reimburse me for one of the bags, I suppose. Wanted to get my headphones, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Damn. Next stop, Mango. We both got a tee from Mango each. Over to the MRT station to wait for Pipi while Cheryl went home.

Met Pipi and went to Polar to order my HelloKitty cake. Yea! Super elated please. Thank you Brother and Pipi for my cake! 85bucks for my cake man. Dinner at Pastamania. Had baked rice. Everything was paid by Pipi. Thank you, Pipi! (L) Walked down to NTUC to check out the barbeque food pricing. But ended up getting most of the stuff(Chicken wings, sausages, crabmeat and drinks) there. Brother had to drive over to Tampines to fetch us. Home sweet home. Packed all the necessary stuff and only finished at about 11pm.

I seriously can't wait for my chalet! I hope it'll be the best birthday celebration ever. Oh, did I mention that my face's skin is peeling real badly. Sigh. I don't wanna be a ugly birthday girl on Friday. Please skin, go back to your orginal self!

The 'shy' Pipi.

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passby: u & hogan both lyk each other?
Me: (:

robin: muahahahahaha
Me: Lol, yes?

ken: ps mah, i scare wrong ppl lay.. LOL =x
Me: Aiyah, my face very easy to recognise one what. Haha.

Cheryl - Hogan: Hogan! Dont date Regina out for Sentosa for the next one month cause shes becoming like a malay already. lols ;x shes dark enuff already luhs, hahas ;x
Me: Lol! Yea luh! I think becoming Indian already.

Cheryl - Regina: Regina ! Teach all of us IAC soon, lols.Else all 4 of us will fail/din do badly. lols~ and dontworry, ur skin will be better by friday (: love-
Me: Yes yes, I'll try my very best. I hate this chapter too. Haha! I really hope so. ): Thank you! (L)

ANGE: YOOO. Hahahahahahah. I thought that name was.. nvm. tell you on msn :D
Me: What name?

Hogan~Cheryl: HA! sexy
Me: Lol, crazy boy. :P Indian still sexy ah!

Joanna: Reginaaa. :D
Me: Joannaaaaaaa! Linked you up already love! :D

jing: regina..A big big Happy Birthday to you...all the best to you and best wishes for you in whatever you want in this year.( i mone of classmates in QC)
Me: Thanks. (:

Cause baby, everything's perfect with you around.

17th Birthday Bash!

Regina's 17th Birthday Bash!

Date: 31 Oct - 2 Nov
Venue: Costasands Resort (Pasir Ris)
Time: 2pm til late
Peeps: Those invited by me
R.S.V.P: I'm sure you guys know my number.

It'll be a blast!

Fake Lashes Lessons

Fake lashes lessons!

Don't really know how to put on fake eyelashes?
Don't know which type of lashes suits you?
Most importantly, you don't know which type of glue is good and effective?

Now, you really want someone to teach you how to put fake eyelashes?
This will be a fun and exciting day for you girls out there who really needs help!
Isabella's planning to organize "How to put on fake eyelashes" classes for you girls.
And your teacher in charge will be obviously, Isabella!
So here's your chance!

VENUE: Ris Granduer Condominium, Elias Road
Nearest Mrt: Pasir Ris
Date : 4th November (1pm - 2 pm) & 7th November (2.30pm - 3.30pm)
Class duration: 1 hour (For those who have difficulties after 1 hour, will be given extra help.)
Items you have to bring: Mirror, scissors and glue
Items provided FOC : A pair of fake eyelashes
Fee: $15/person
Maximum girls per session: 6 girls

Bring your friends along too. Guaranteed that everyone will know the simple steps for putting eyelashes within an hour or even within a few minutes.
Come on, join her classes now.
Mail me your details and contact number @!
Hurry up, before it's too late!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Day

Pulled myself outta bed at 7.30 in the morning. Dragged myself to school and attended lessons from 8-11. Went back home after Accounting, break til 3pm. Cabbed back home as I was uber tired from the overnight Mahjong session. Booked my chalet once I came back and slept til 3.

Daddy woke me up and drove me back to school for Entrepreneurship. Stayed in class til 5.30 before Amanda, Katherine and I cabbed down to EastPoint. Sent Amanda's phone for repair at Sony Ericsson. The both of them then left while I got Brother, Daddy, Pipi and my dinner. Had been super busy eversince I came back from school. Calling everyone up and checking the food prices.

A huge thanks to Hogan. He seriously helped me a lot for my upcoming birthday party, and I'd really like to thank him. Words can't explain my grattitude towards him. Thank you, Hogan CJL. (L)

Off to bed now, goodnight everyone.

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Reader: Alright. Anyway what's the meaning of 'Imba'?
Me: It's a word me and my clique use. It sort of means like going to a large extent of something.

Weiting: hope i can see you this week. :)
Me: Yes, you definitely can! My chalet! :D

passer: hong gan and you would definetely be a loving couple : ) JIA YOU :X
Me: (: Anyway, his name's Hogan.

ken: -.-' u bai chi.. u noe u walk pass mi 1 time at amk hub, i walk pass u 1 time when goin to mrt station.. =x aniway relink mi =)
Me: How I know! I also never noticed, haha. You also don't know how to shout my name. Okay, relinked.

XD: it been sometimes since i see ur blog. u are prettier! stay pretty and ignore those idiot spammers! =D
Me: Thanks darling. (:

Reader: Wonder why spammers nowadays so childish? Lol.
Me: Like you said, they're childish. :D

joyce: okay, i will add you on msn. but what's your email? or prolly, you add me? LOVES! :}
Me: Added already! Heh. (L)

ROWENA: got craving for lobsterz ):
Me: Go kill a lobster then. Haa!

dawn: you can cross high waisted shorts off your list of wishes wahahahaha
Me: Yes, I just did. Haha! :D

Because I've you.

Hibernating Mode

Woke up at 4plus in the afternoon. Lazed around, grabbed some snacks to eat as my lunch and watched some programmes on television. Dinner at Changi Safra with family. The food there was fantastic, especially the pepper crab. Discussed with Daddy and Mommy bout my upcoming birthday celebration. I'll most prolly be celebrating it at a chalet if there's still rooms available. Prays* I can't check it now as the website's partly down. I even went over to EastPoint's AXS machine to check, but they couldn't open the web page. Anyway, thanks to Daddy for cycling me there. Super cute, he tompang-ed me on his bike to EastPoint and back home. Haha! Alright, it's freaking 2am already and I'm having school later at 8. So, goodnight.

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weiheng: ooo.. ok.. thanks!:)
Me: No problem. So you wanna come? Bring your friends along!

judy - passerby: you look very ugly wen you are tanned. and somehow, look fat. no offence.
Me: Maybe it's because I looked super tired in that picture and my hair was in a mess.

ken: ur mj kakis. -.-''
Me: Chey! I thought you were my classmate. Haha!

Passerby: some words seemed similar to yours.
Me: Read it. My friend told her off for me. She has changed them all already. Thanks a lot yea? (:

--: ive been viewing ur blog for quite some time and u are bloating . no offence also
Me: Maybe? Well, you've to ask my friends bout this.

Sherl-passerby: u looked better with tann skin. =) sporty and pretty. thats my view ha.
Me: Thanks. (:

Reader: I think Regina look nicer with tanned skin (:
Me: Will post up a picture when my skin's not so red anymore and you can compare it again. Thanks anyway yea?

joyce: HELLO REGINA! i was one of the girls who went sentosa! send me the girls pic we took please? my cam sd card corrupted man! shiat. ):
Me: Hey Joyce! Yes, of course I remembered you. :D Alright, sure sure! Add me in MSN?

Wardrobefemme: Hi babe, do you mind linking our online store up? Thanks
Me: Mail me.

peiqin: reginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Me: Haha! Peiqin! When will I see you again?

fabian: regina boo. dj max emotional sense clazzquai edition is soo fun xD. haha fab was here =).
Me: Never checked out the new DJ Max. You've it?

Hogan: freakinnngggg tired la!
Me: Imba tired too luh! D:

ROWENA: hi lobster . i like to eat lobsters leh reg .
Me: Hi trolley. Currently, I think I'm not a lobster anymore. Haha! Open your mouth.

I'd never want this feeling to fade away. (L)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mahjong Marathon

Met Hogan at Simei at freaking 2.45pm. Waited for Cleomine, Kai, Joseph to arrive at 3pm. We were supposed to meet at 1.30pm for lunch. How Imba's that? Had Chicken Rice for lunch and over to my place.

Chatted/used my lappy/played board games/cards/PS2. Ruth then arrived. Cloemine won Hogan in a game of Battleship, and it was her first time playing. Lousy ass. Grins. They got so board that they even took out my straightening/curling hair kit to play. There goes Cleomine's hair. But it was nice. That ass, Hogan wanted to play Mahjong so badly. So I rang Marilyn up and asked her if she wanted to come over. Guess what? She came over with Edwin in about 15 minutes! Played a pot with Hogan, Marilyn and Edwin while the rest went for dinner at EastPoint. Mommy bought dinner back for me and Hogan. What was for dinner? Chicken Rice again! I can't believe I had it for both my lunch and dinner.

Finished Mj and over to Tampines with Hogan, Marilyn, Ruth and Edwin to catch High School Musical 3! The show was awesome! Cried like there's no tomorrow, as usual. The movie ended at 11plus. All of us accompanied Marilyn back to her place to grab her clothes and back to my place. The 4 of us continued our Mahjong session again while Ruth was busy with my laptop. Hogan lost all his credits! Luckily we decided not to account for it in the end. Ended Mj close to 7 in the morning. Caught some uber hilarious videos on Youtube and everyone went to sleep for bout an hour or so. That ass fell asleep in less than a freaking minute. How scary's that? Haha!

Got up slightly after 8 and went over to Burger King's for breakfast with Hogan and Ruth. Marilyn and Edwin headed home. Guess who I saw at EastPoint? Mr Alvin Wong aka my Class Advisor. He told me not to skip school the next day. Don't really get it, because I attend all my lessons. Oh well. Had our sumptious meal and the both of them then trained home after breakfast. Went home and hibernated. Ha!

I wanna be the first thing you see every morning when you open your eyes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sentosa - Plaza Sing

I just got back home not too long ago. Super duper tired and my whole body's burning. My face's as red as a lobster(cooked) now. Imagine that.

So anyway, I woke up as early as 8am this morning and prepared. Trained down to CityHall to meet Dawn to collect my high waisted shorts from her. Kenneth was with her. Over to HarbourFront MRT and met Hogan at 10. As usual, he was late again. Walked to Long John's to meet his friends. Had a hashbrown. Reign and Cloemin joined us shortly. Sentosa time baby! Volleyball - Suntan - Volleyball! I'm never getting sick of vball. That Kai was uber late. He came at 3plus. So much for 'I will not be late and arrive at 10am'. Sheesh. Left Siloso at 6(?). Walked over to the Market opposite HarbourFront for dinner. Trained to Dhoby Ghaut after dinner. Arcade time. Joseph then tagged along. Went to some nice place opposite Plaza Sing. Chilling there's just simply fabulous. It's really relaxing. Home by 11.30pm.

Hogan, Kai, Ruth, Cloemin, Joseph, and maybe Jessica and Benney will be coming over to my place tomorrow! Can't wait. Another Mj session. Haha! Imba tired, goodnight everyone.

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weiheng: hahas.. the comments you send.. wat no age limit? i don understand.. hahas..
Me: Oh, yup. It means you don't have to be 16 and above to go for his party. (:

ken: u mean ytd nite ? if it is so, means i saw u.. 2 times some more =x
Me: Yup. Wait, which Ken are you?

Cheryl: hahas, couple tee wit jinhan, lols. lucky u din go. lols. i think all of us cried
Me: Couple tee leh. Haha. Serious uh?! Woo, luckily. That's why I had this really bad feeling.

Treasure what you have now, before it's too late.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Town - AMK - Town

Came home real early today after school ended at about 1.30pm. Thanks to Ebenezer for the cab ride back home. Lazed around, had lunch, used my lappy, bathed and got ready. Took bus 5 down to Far East Plaza to meet Hogan and Reign. The guys were happily doing their shopping there. I was in a friggin' shirt and shorts, cause I was supposed to go over to The Night Safari with classmates at 8pm. FEP - Heeren's - Cineleisure. One of Reign's friend came to join us. Both Hogan & I wanted to get a NUM tank top each real badly, we searched Heerens' and Cine's outlet. Yet, none of them caught our eyes. Left them at 7 for Ang Mo Kio.

I was actually late to meet my classmates, all because of that new train driver(I suppose)! Every train station, he'd stop for about two minutes before opening the damn door. Not only that, he overshot the train doors twice! Had to wait for prolly three minutes before he reversed slightly and finally opening the door. Argh. He should like not drive if he's still unsure bout the controls and stuff. Sheesh. What has the world come to? Okay, I'm exaggerating. The driver just really pissed me off.

Met Cheryl, Jessica, Ruoping and Veronica at AMK Hub and waited for that super-grand Jinhan to arrive. Because of him, we missed 3 buses. And guess what? He wore the exact same shirt as me, just that his was in black. Vin came over with his friends. So little people turned up in the end, I had second thoughts. I ended up not going. Deepest apologies to Cheryl, Jessica, Jinhan, Ruoping, Veronica and Vin! Promise to make it up to you guys, was having a bad feeling at that very moment.

Trained back over to Plaza Sing to meet Hogan, Kai, Peiqin, Randall, Reign and Reign's friend(I forgot her name). Over to Subway to find them. Randall then left, while the rest went to the arcade. The guys played their imba OutRun again, yes again. Bused to CityHall to meet Jessica. It feels like darn it long since I last saw her. (L) Ruth then came following by Elisha, Gordon and Sufen. Hogan, Reign, Reign's friend and I then headed home while the rest went to Haji Lane.

Will be meeting Dawn in the morning tomorrow at 9.40 to collect my high waisted shorts from her. Then I'll be going over to Sentosa again with Hogan, Kai, Peiqin, and their Singapore Art Fair crew. Rain rain, please go away tomorrow. Sweetest dreams to all. (Inserts heart)

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Cheryl: lols, u din blog abt us playing the dong for one freaking hr. &you two take turns to hold onto the dice . LOL~
Me: Oh ya! I forgot all about it! Jessica was pissing us off man! Lol. :P

Jieke says: heyo whats ur friendster add ?
Me: Sorry, but I don't add/accept people whom I do not know. Sorry ya.

weiheng: wat you mean by tat? :)
Me: Huh?

ken: reg, u 2day went amk ?
Me: I was there, but I didn't go over to The Night Safari with them. :/

Will you remain the same or will you change?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Trick Or Treat @ PLAY

29th OCT 08
9pm till late

No age limit!

29th OCT,the Day of the Dead,marks the darkest and most anticipated party of the year
When the veil separating our world from the otherworld is at its thinnest and the potential for magic at its peak
WEDNESDAY falling on this date reaps exceptional havoc and no one knew this better than the Voodoo Masters who placed the mother of all curses on it
The salvation to this unparalleled boredom is madly dancing to the beats of the music by our mystic DJ VOODOO,
but getting to them won’t be easy.

-6HRS of SPOOKY RNB by DJ voodoo
-those who dress according to the theme will be awarded with goodies bag
-best dress will be awarded with attractive prizes
-a special surprise for HARDSTYLERS
-be SURE to catch those EYE BALLS falling from the sky to exchange for free drinks

did i just say EYE BALLS?arghhhhhh
so stop pondering
be there and witness the EVIL in the party

so let the EVIL within you take control




Thursday, October 23, 2008

Study - Mahjong

Study a lil at my place after school with Cheryl and Jessica. They did their Introduction for our Business Communications' Project while I did my Accounting. It was not long til we decided to play a pot of Mj again! Haha. Mj's the new addiction. So we started on our Mahjong session after we all finished our work. I won 9bucks! Grins. Had Macs delivered to my place for dinner and caught this uber funny show 'I Survived A Japanese Gameshow!'. It's hilarious, but some of the peeps in the show are super irritating. They went back home after the game.

I'm actually having this Pool competition @ Orchid Country Club tomorrow at 1. But I doubt I'll be going. I don't even know if school's gonna be providing transport there. Oh well. Let's see how it goes. Will be heading over to The Night Safari tomorrow night with my classmates and friends. It's gonna be a Halloween night with Draculas and all other monsters you can think off. Eww, it's giving me the eeks. Just hope I won't end up crying. Haha. Alright, shall have an early night today.

P/S: A million and one thanks to Daddy for helping me with my presentation. (L)

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yibin: Hey.What website you go to make the combination of face?

dawn: the model wearing the high waisted shorts from mahmia.lj is very hot eh. you know herrrrrrr?
Me: I don't know eh? I think her name's Dawn OKY. You know her?

ROWENA: EH DAWN I KNOW THE MODEL ! HOT RIGHT !!!! & dawn you suck . you go all their blogs to tag except mine ?! and you claim you love me . im hurt ):
Me: LOL. Row, you know her?

dawn: eh! wah reg somebody jealoussssss already seh..........
Me: Yes, I can see. Haha! :D

ROWENA: ya bye .
Me: Bye her or bye me?

Say once again you love me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mahjong Spree

Guess what? I just came back from another MJ session at Marilyn's! Haha. I won back 10bucks.

So, I got back from school, changed and left my place. Met Marilyn, Edwin, Marcus, Lenis, Gan and Jiahao at 201. Walked over to Marilyn's after that.

I actually planned on doing my Accounts homework when I reached home, but no I didn't. I ended up blogshopping again! Cause I remembered Dawn's blogshop(clickable) has just launched another spree today at 10pm! So go check it out peeps! I'm getting myself the high waisted shorts. Dawn sort of actually got the high waisted shorts cause of me. Haha. Thanks Dawnney! (L) I like some other tops that she's selling, but it's either I don't like the colour or I know that I can't carry that top off. Sheesh. This is irritating. Oh whatever, I don't wanna spend much too. Before my pay goes flying off.

Alright, I shall try to do one question now. Just one! Nights.

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Hellos: Nice chinese name yo. Zhang/Chang Mei Yun. Hehehe..
Me: Thanks, I love it too. (:

Alicia: I rock : )
Me: You rock! But, I rock more! Hahaha! :D

Hogan: ass me somemore la.ha!
Me: Ass ass ass ass ass! Grins.

Because I know you're the one.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


School was really fun today. I actually only went to school for 3 hours. Haha. I didn't attend the first lesson, Biz Com. Lesson was at 8, and I woke up at 7.50. How cool's that. Anyway, decided to continue sleeping til 9.30 and prepared for lesson at 10. An hour of Intermediate Accounting and off for lunch at Cafe 1. 11 of them came over to my place for a Mahjong session afterthat. Took 3 different cabs down. Peeps included: Amanda, Cheryl, Jessica, Katherine, Kerner, Terry, Gabriel, Ebenezer, Jinhan, Vin and Nathaniel.

Opened two tables(my house's like a gambling den). Some of them left first to meet Ken, while the rest stayed behind to finish up the game. I didn't freaking win a single round at all! What a record. I only recieved like 30cents from them for getting the cat and mouse. What the heck. But I only lost 6bucks overall. Not bad for someone who didn't win a single round. Took a Maxi Cab back to school. Cool eh. Had Entrepreneurship lesson. Was half an hour late, but Mr Andrew didn't even reprimand us, instead he asked us to enter the class and re-briefed what we had to do. He's seriously one of the best lecturers. Lessons ended at 5. Walked back to EastPoint with Cheryl, Kerner, Gabriel and Jinhan.

I went down to EastPoint again to 8 to get my black pumps and also a new anklet(finally). My old one's broken and Mummy got it for me for more than a hundred bucks. Sighs. Suddenly many thoughts came into my mind. My mood totally went downhill. Thanks Ass, for giving me those words and that wonderful song. I really like it a lot. Smiles*

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desiree: i tot sunday sentosa there rain?! den gt thunder oso?! hmmm. the photos are mre to you den to amanda n ur friend. hahaha
Me: It was raining, but I went late. Haha, I think so too.

Hogan: no. am not emoing. *serious mode* ha!
Me: It's actually my turn now. Haha. Serious your head! :P

That's the reason why I chose to continue.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Long John's With Cousins

Take note: I wasn't pointing my middle finger in the picture above, instead it was supposed to be a 'twist' sign.

School was awesome. Why? Because there's Sports & Wellness! All time favourite man. Played Volleyball throughout the entire one and a half hours period. I injured myself though. I was playing with Jessica when the ball overshot and me being that clever one, decided to catch it. In the end, the volleyball hit my thumb's nail and poof! It started bleeding profusely. How wonderful. I thought I broke my nail into half, but actually I didn't. It's just that a third of my nail was seperated from my skin. Enough bout that. Took 38 back home after S&W.

Got home, took a quick bathe and off to Tampines to meet the Cousins, Angela, Charmaine and Rowena. Long John - Aracde - Home. Saw ValeriePKY. (L) Got my new navel stud, and I'm lovin' it.

Make a guess what 'CAL' stands for.

Reign acting stupid.

Here's some videos we took on Sunday, I'm sure it's gonna tickle your funnybone. Enjoy!
P/S: Sorry for the blur videos, I forgot that I brought my camera and used my handphone instead.

Capture your attention.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sentosa Baby!

Sentosa with Amanda, Hogan, Kai, Peiqin, Reign, Ruth, Derrick and 3 of Kai's friend. Met up with Hogan at HarbourFront first. Walked around and waited for Dawn to pass me my stuff. She then left with Kenneth. Ended up waiting for Amanda, Derrick, Kai, Ruth, Peiqin and Reign for one and a half hours. Imagine that. We both were super tired. The rain kept coming and going.

Finally, we reached Siloso beach. Volleyball - Soccer. My arms are uber red now due to Volleyball. Left the beach and got changed at about 6pm.

Back to Vivo then to Suntec with Hogan, Kai, Peiqin, Reign and Ruth. Dinner at Food Republic followed by the arcade. The guys played a total of 3 rounds of OutRun. Guess what? Each game costed them 3bucks! Sheesh. Left there at 10.30. Home sweet home. Had a superb day with them.

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harhar: hi spammers. firstly, do you fxcking realise that prositutes normally are ugly and figure-less? or else why would they be prositutes, might as well be models. but thats not the issue... glad you think she's hot and all, i think so too. but she'll pass, doofus. how do we call you "anytime" if i dont even see your number displayed? are you like, fxcking retarded or something. psh.
Me: Hahah, that's a good one. Thanks yea? (:

Passerby: The photos look more like you. (:
Me: I think the first one looks more like Isabella. Lol.

♥: Spammer,Get a life man? Lols.Can you like respect her? Buang luhs Spammer! -.- & Hi Regina,you look preety in the photo at 18oct the last photo (:
Me: That's why they are called 'Spammers'. Haha! Thanks! :D

Baobao: i miss sis . (:
Me: I miss you too, Sis! You links became so little. ):

Hogan: Hogan the tagger is tagging tags for the sake of tagging on this tagger's friend BRC tagboard.
Me: W/e, BHC! Haha. Lame-ass! :P Go sleep luh!

Jess: Dearest, can dont put both their names =/ Not very good. Enjoy at Sentosa uh (L)
Me: Deleted that part aleady, Dearest. Sorry uh. Thanks a lot. Love you! (L)

Me: Ruth! :D Yea! We'll plan another Sentosa outing soon kay. Heheh. (L)

Love, an indescribable feeling.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Edwin & Chris

I stayed home the whole day. Sleep, slept, slapt(no such word). Got some news bout the guys. Let's all pray that they'll be fine. Bless them. Will be going over to Sentosa tomorrow. Let's hope Mr Sun will be shinning brightly. Buhbye.

P/S: Click on my advertisement right on top of the screen for me alright? Thanks everyone!

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Isabella: Spammers, please fcuking grow up.
Me: Thanks Baby! (L)

Sandrina: hello, ily
Me: Hello, ily too. :D

(=: PLEASE! are u jealous abt regina??? and dun be so idiot to spam here lar!
Me: Hey there. Thanks a bunch ya? (:

Combined photo of Isabella & I. I like it a lot.

Combined photo of Amanda & I. Looks a lot more like Amanda.

Life's cruel.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mahjong - Town

Finally I've recieved 2 of the pictures from my previous photoshoot at Katong from Esther. I'm currently trying to get more from her. These 2 pictures have been slightly edited.

So anyway, went for Pool after lessons ended. Played only a round with Jessica while Amanda and Cheryl waited before we cabbed down to my place for another Mahjong session. I won 17bucks! How cool's that. Cheryl and Jessica left and I went to get changed. Amanda and I trained down to Bedok and Orchard respectively.

Met Hogan, Jessica, Kai and Gordon at FarEast Plaza. Chit-chatted and walked around. Peiqin and Zerbel then came along. The 7 of us accompanied Jessica to have her dinner, joining us next was Raymond. Bused over to Cineleisure after dinner with Jessica, Gordon and Peiqin while the rest went over to Hougang to collect some stuff. Saw Jovin, Ruth, Marrcus, Elisha, Keifer, Dion, Sihui, Louis, Shanice, Edwin and Xueling there. Something happened in between, shan't mention bout it though. Trained back home with Xueling slightly after 11.

I'll prolly be going down to Town again with Hogan, Kai, Ruth and the Art Fair peeps tomorrow. Im'ma sleep now. Super duper tired, my eyes can barely open now. Goodnight.

Check out the tiles! I even gamed with it.

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Hogan: =]
Me: :D

Weiting: I still love you de ok! forget me not. :D
Me: Hoho! I love you too, Weiting! Of course not! How can I ever forget you. (L)

eUnIcE: re-link miie ger =DD
Me: Relinked. (:


Me: Stop making a fool out of yourself. You're a laughing stock. Can you stop talking to youself? Haha. Brainless mofos.

The hardest word is to say goodbye.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

School - Town

Went over to Tampines with Amanda and Cheryl after school. Got my M)phosis slippers and off to Ya Kun for some Kaya Toast. I think there was something wrong with the food there, cause my stomach was really hurting and I felt like vomitting after sometime even going to the extend of giddy-ness. Argh, whatever. So, I cabbed back home(again) with Amanda due to the wonderful rain and got changed. Trained down to Bugis with Amanda to meet Hogan. I made him wait for 15 minutes. Haa! Sorry. Now you owe me another 10 more minutes because I waited a total of 25 minutes during the last two appointments. Grins.

Accompanied Amanda to Bugis Street to get her stuff. Sorry BHC, for making you walk at Bugis Street. Bused over to Far East Plaza after that. Was feeling nauseous, thanks Amanda for being like a Mommy to me. Haha. Got her bag and left. Headed to Wisma Atria - Heerens - Cineleisure - Sommerset. Amanda left. Hogan and I then walked back to Heerens and then over to Plaza Sing. He got me and himself a doughnut each. Thanks. Now I owe him a doughnut. Haha. Walked around Plaza Sing and that ass wanted to get so much stuff. Wait for your pay! Trained back home at 9pm.

I'm actually starting to communicate better with Mommy, I can feel it. I really owe it all to someone. You know who you are. Thank you. (L)

P/S: I miss my Isabella Baby! Finally, I had quite a long chat with her just now. Love.

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Jasmine: Just a passer-by , omg I am back to ur blog agn haha nice blog ! take care pwetty ! hop =D
Me: Thanks dear. (:

Me: ***! Hahah. :P

Stephanie: I'm here :}
Me: Hello hun!

blogghopping duh-.-: hello there saw th pict. on wed; 15 oct, eu look nicer without fake eyelashes . its just a comment; and yea, eu are a really preety gal(:
Me: Thanks ya. (: I don't really put on my fake lashes anymore. Heh.

Isabella: Baby!!! so stress over o levels))):
Me: Baby! Add oil! I know you can do it! I love you! Xoxo. (L)

Someone close to my heart.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back To The Books

Nothing much happened today. Just that I caught this movie 'Nim's Island' when I got back home with Daddy. I fell asleep soon affter the movie ended. Was uber tired. Oh well, I'm gonna go back to my books now. Because some ass didn't let me studying last night. Haha. Buhbye!

P/S: Good luck for your Chemistry Practical paper tomorrow, Hogan(***)!

Love is more than just a game for two.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mahjong Session!

School's per normal today. Luckily for that Ass' text which woke me up, if not I'd be late for school. Had a super early lunch cause Mr Goh let us off half an hour earlier. Back to class for Mr Wong's lessons, followed by another two and a half hours of break. Over to EastPoint with classmates. Cabbed back with Amanda, the weather was killing! I need to stop this, I need to stop taking cab to everywhere. It's becoming a habbit and I'm becoming poorer and poorer. Sigh. Had our ETP lesson with a new lecturer, Mr Andrew.

Ended early and off to my place with Cheryl and Jessica for a Mahjong session! Haha. Okay, it made me super pissed off because I was actually winning about $10(?) before Jessica stole them back. Sheesh. Jessica freaking held on to the dice for 7 rounds! 7 okay! What the heck! So, they left after that. Off to do some assignments now. Goodbye.


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blur2: yup i curl ardy lo..but i try n try stil can c my real lashes..omg..try til my eye reali blur..
Me: Try putting a lil glue on your real lashes and stick it together with the fake ones then.

Me: Haha! :D (L)

passerby: M)phosis still sell that sandal? How much?
Me: It's about close to 30 bucks.

ANGE: Yay. Reg lurbz mez.
Me: Of course luh! So stop complaining that I don't love you okay! And please don't bully me(your 4-years-older-than-you cousin!). :P

Thoughts can seriously kill.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Airport's Popeyes

Got scolded once again. Special thanks to Rowena. Lessons carried on as per normal. Got our new timetable and result slips. Lessons-Break-Lesson-Sports & Wellness. We actually went back early today cause we didn't need to attend S&W. But I swear, Mr Gary is super irritating. He keeps making fun of me just because I'm short. Fyi, I've to tilt my head 45degrees just to talk to him. Imagine that. He kept making jokes about me being short and how he could talk to someone without seeing me though I'm standing in the centre. What kind of lecturer is he!? Haha.

So, went over to EastPoint after school with Amanda, Alicia and Katherine. They got their stuff while I went back home to get Daddy's Popular card for them. Got changed and went back to look for them. Amanda then accompanied me back home to change out of my shorts. Sorry my dear girl, I'll make it up to you. Thank you. (L) Bused over to Tampines to get her diamonds and then over to the mall to glance through some stuff. She left for home while I trained down to the Airport to meet my cousins, Angela, Marilyn and Rowena.

Had our dinner at Popeyes. Sorry to my cousins for being late. (L) Had tons of fun with them, though they kept bullying me. Over to some big area at T3 and took random photos. Shall upload them when I recieve it. Left them for Suntec at 9pm. Met up with Hogan, Kai, Reign, Silvien and their working friends. Slowly group by group left, it was down to us again. Chilled for a lil while at Starbucks, crapping as usual. Shared cab back with Kai.

My eyes are small, red and swelling. I need some sleep now. Goodnight everyone.


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wennn ❤: haha okay ! takecare girl :D
Me: You takecare too ya!

hii: may i noe where you get your sandals on Saturday, October 11, post ? (: Seems that you've became prettier!
Me: I got them from M)phosis. Thanks. (:

sandrina: so many diff stores! or isit from rambutan?
Me: M.A.N.G.O. Understand? Haha.

blurblur: hi babe..ur eyelash so nice...c u wear fake eyelashes,hw u fix it to ur eye? i stick to my eye but stil can c my own lashes although i stil use e mascara...haiz..
Me: You'll have to curl your real lashes first before sticking the fake lashes just above your real lashes. Practice.

Baobao: i dreamt of sis last night :/
Me: Really?! Bout what? Lemme know yea? :D

blog hopperrrrrrrr: woah, i'm so evious of you leh, you so slim, so chio, look so perfect lehh!! >.<
Me: No one's perfect. (: I'm not tall, neither am I slim. Thanks anyway!

Simple words that stopped those tears.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hua Yu Wee

We ended up at Hua Yu Wee for dinner instead of Jumbo. We were actually at Jumbo, but it was full house and we had to wait til 8.30pm if we wanted to eat there. Fyi, it was 7.20pm. So, Daddy drove over to Hua Yu Wee. Oh, before that I had a tiff with Mommy again. Won't elaborate bout it though. Forgot to bring my phone with me. Was feeling super pissed off and uncomfortable. Back home by 9.10.

I'm getting this kimono dress from Dawn. Beautiful ain't it? It's the last piece though, am I lucky or what? She's selling awesome clothes. Check it out or regret!

Just ended a conversation with cousins. Forget it, Cousins. Bully me somemore! I'll pinch you girls tomorrow. Haha.

P/S: I wanna get this camera! Love it.



Guess what? It's back to school again, tomorrow. Dread that feeling when I've to drag myself outta bed and head for the shower. Not only that, the timetable's horrible man. I've got to stay for lessons til 5 every single day, except for Fridays which I end at 1(fyi, I still have to go for Pool). Sheesh. Oh well, let's hope the next holiday will come in a blink of an eye(dream on, Regina).

Oh, and I only realised these few days that my birthday's coming! Haha. Though it's a month more. But I used to be super anxious bout my birthday every single year that I'll start noticing even 2 months before my birthday. Here are the few birthday wishes I've.

1. Singapore Flyer, one with family and the other with my loved one(I doubt it'll ever happen.)
2. For everyone around me to stay happy and healthy.
3. Who'll miss out presents, right?
4. Lastly, peace out!

Okay, I shall update this list if I ever think of anything else. Shall visit the bathroom now as I'm going over to Jumbo@Safra for dinner tonight. Cheers!

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sandrina: i thought you bought the jacket at durian?
Me: No luh, it was from Orange.

passer: hw much iz de hoodie? tnks :)
Me: 75bucks.

In the middle of nowhere.


Work at Fort Canning was kinda alright, just that the weather happened to be superbly hot. We were all perspiring like donkeys. So I met Weixin & co at Bedok's platform. I friggin' had to wait for them for approximately ten minutes. Luckily I had Amanda to accompany me on the line. So, we reached Dhoby Ghaut at about 11.50am. Waited for Amanda, Weiheng and Ben before we walked over to Fort Canning. We took a damn long time trying to find the exact location of the tents. They were all blaming me for being so darn lousy at directions. Haha, sorry! I don't go there often, so you guys must understand.

Everything was carried out smoothly, thank god. We ended at about 4plus. Amanda and I had special treatment. We both had a packet of chicken rice bought by one of the guys there, cause we didn't eat our lunch. A gazillion thanks to that guy. Changed out of my shirt and off we went to Town. Being the road-idiot I am around that area, I some sort lost my way. I didn't know how to walk over to Cineleisure, haha. So we ended up taking a bus there and we actually missed our stop. In the end, we only got down at Takashimayah. From there, they went their way and me and Amanda went our own way.

Taka - Wisma Atria - Far East Plaza. Got myself a bag from FEP. Accompanied Amanda to extend her hair. The place's uber beautiful. Not only that, their service's fantastic too! Guess what? I was super bored that I even went to extend 5 pathetic strands of red hair. Retarded eh? Oh well, it's just for fun. I bet it'll drop out anytime soon because I'm always playing with my hair. Haha. Bused over to Suntec after that.

Met Hogan, Kai, Silvien and Reign after their work ended. Walked over to the Padang as they wanted to see the foam party. We left as soon as we reached. Off went Amanda. I accompanied the rest for their dinner at Popeyes. They're seriously jokers man. Super super funny I tell you. Cabbed home with Kai at about 11.

I'm dammit tired now, not only that. I think I'm sick. Sheesh. I seriously need ample of rest now. I shall sleep til no tomorrow, tomorrow. Haha. Alright, nights.

P/S: I've created another tagboard for Advertisements only. Please put your comments appropriately. Thank you. Cheers!

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wennn ❤: Hello amelia here :D of cos i rmb ! meet up soon (:
Me: Hey girl! :D Sure! I've linked you up too!

passer: cn euu tel me whr euu get yr grey hoodiie?
Me: Mango.

Zzz: "Trust's a very strong word" Indeed a veri strong word...Kind of respect u able to thk of this quote! Take Care!
Me: Thanks. (:

MARILYN: madam. free on nxt sunday anot. but i doubt you got time for us :/
Me: Of course free for ya'll luh! Anyhow.

Suddenly, I feel that I'm invisible to you.