Bite On Bullets: August 2009




Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Of The Best

Work - Funan - Tanah Merah - Home.

Finally done with work @ Expo's Travel Fair. One of the best jobs ever, just that I'd to do more talking then usual. Some of the biggest stars were there, including casts from 'JUMP' and the world's best break dancers from Korea, 'B-Boy'. They were all effin' awesome. Took quite a number of pictures with them, as their changing room was just beside my company's booth and they'd just sit around at our booth and chat. Awesome shit eh?

Anwz, I shall update another day with all the pictures. Super duper ultra mega tired, shall hit the sack after I'm done with this. It's Teacher's Day tomorrow! School ends at 12 and I'm starting at 10. Not attending the 2 hours of lecture, instead I'll pay a visit to my Secondary school teachers with ex-classmates! Can't wait.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Currently at Hogan's place, and that sleeping beauty has been sleeping eversince I came. Tried waking him up, but failed. I need to study, so he'd better get up soon. So, I've nothing to do now except to talk to Veronica. Twitter's not working on his Firefox & IE, so I'll just have to do my rantings here.

Anwz, his Dad was listening to some Thai songs just now like Sabai Sabai. Haha, darn funny.

Ogay, gdbye!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Amanda & Alicia!

Happy Double 18th Birthday, Amanda & Alicia!
Hope the both of you enjoyed your day and remember to study hard for the upcoming examinations aites. All the best to the both of you! Xoxo.

The chills are suddenly getting into me, and I'm without my air-condition/fan. But my temperature's perfectly normal. Time for me to mug! K, bai.

P/S: I realised that Hogan's enlisting on the 10th and not the 3rd!
P/P/S: I've no more companion for lunch this weekend, Hogan was being scheduled to the travel fair @ Suntec. Therefore, he's not working anymore. Sadsadsad.
P/P/P/S: I've finished with my Twilight novel! It's so addictive, don't know how I could stop previously. Now it's time for me to watch the movie. Yeah, I'm slow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aston Villa VS Liverpool

3-1! Liverpool wasn't up to their standard in the game yesterday. They made me lose 10bucks. I'm not a football fan, but Daddykinz randomly came into my room yesterday and asked if I wanted to bet on it. So, I followed and did the same thing as he did. Luckily it was only a small amount.

But guess what? Daddykinz just got me to check the score for Tampines VS Geyland. He got the odds right, and returned me the 10bucks I lost on Liverpool! Hehehe. And now he thinks I'm jinx, which I'm totally not! It just happens that both of the times he got me to buy, we'd lose.

Aites, drop it.

Just finished mugging for today and I feel quite accomplished. I managed to understand most of things now, and having not to refer to anything most of the time. Hopefully by tomorrow, all the 13 ratios will be stuck in my mind til next week. Need more brain cells.

Time for Twilight! I'm almost done with it, just a few more chapters to go. The storyline's getting more and more eggciting.

Gdnight. Xoxo.

Monday, August 24, 2009

SIM Casting

Hey ya'll! Do vote for my brother for SIM's Casting Call 2010 by becoming a fan of Casting Call(clickable) on Facebook followed by clicking like on Colin Chang's photo(clickable). 10q very much!


Schedule's been really packed these few days, or rather, weeks. Been doing nothing except to mug. Only 2 more weeks til exams start, and I think I'm only halfway through. It sucks. Didn't know grappling only 3 subjects were that tough. There's so much to remember. Hopefully I'll be able to make it.

I'll still have to work this coming weekend at the Expo's travel fair. Coincidentally, Hogan will be working there too! But for a different company. At least I'll have a partner for lunch.

Anw, Beibei appeared on The New Paper today! Featuring her passion for pole dancing and singing on Getai stages. Grats darling!

Aites, time for dinner. Ciaoz!

Happy Birthday Isabella!

Happy Sweet 18th, Isabella Bbgirl!
Though now we seldom meet/talk, I still do remember you okay. Thanks for everything these past 2 years. We shall meet up after my exams aites. Take good care of yourself. Love you! Xoxo.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Love is to give and take.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hungry Ghost Festival

I'm turning to some geek who's studying 12 hours(including school) a day! But the feeling's really gr8, especially if your results are what you've targeted for. Hopefully it does.

I know, my blog's getting mad boring and everyone's getting uninterested in reading my posts. But but! It'll only be temporary. Once examinations are over, I think I'll be out everyday! Okay, I'm exaggerating.

Anwz, studied a lil after school with Veronica, Wilson, Vin and Eunice at Expo's Subway after school. We took a walk to the Megatex Fair to check out some IT stuff before heading to Subway. It was quite empty, maybe it's because everyone's working during mid-day. Homed.

Talking bout Subway. I realised that I've quite a bit of food for me to eat today. Firstly, my Owner aka Wilson, got me my Pocky today. Secondly, I got myself and family some brownies from Vin's Retail friend, Joshua's stall at school during lunch time. Kept it and brought it home. Btw, the brownies were ooooh-la-laaa! It's real crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. That guy's Mum makes fantastic brownies. Veron even made a special request. Lastly, since we wanted to study at Subway, we had to get something. Bought some cookies and it's with my brownies now in my oven. Geez, shall get my Brother to finish them for me.

Oh! Today's the first day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Did I mention that I was quite scared when my clock was at 11:59pm last night? Haha! I quickly rushed through my Twilight and headed for bed. Just got back quite awhile ago from burning the joss papers with family at 9.

Shugs, it's 10:19pm now. If I don't start doing my Costing revision now, I'm gonna be so so dead. So, gdbye!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I've suddenly come to realise(a few days ago) that examinations are just around the corner. 3 weeks, including this week, to be exact. Zomg. I'm panicking. There's still so much to memorize, I might just die.

Oh, another new news. I'll be moving, again. Most prolly to Pasir Ris. But I guess it'll be at the end of the year. Gr8. I'll have enough time to pack, because my examinations are done by then. Elated yet sad at the same time. I'll miss my big room(who knows how big my next room will be) and bed. But I can be Whitesands best buds with Charmaine. Lol. Also I can get to redecorate my room! Hopefully it'll turn out much better than my current one. I need more ideas! I'll be sticking to pink anwz.

Okayz, gotta sort out all my worksheets I brought back home from my locker naooooo. It weighs a ton man! No joke. I shall be quick and continue with my Twilight book. It's getting more and more eggciting! Ciaoz!

P/S: I need a haircut soon. My hair's thickness on the top is growing like free.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Weiwei!

Happy 18th Birthday, Choo Wei Wei!
Hope you had a gr8 time. All the best in your studies aites. Do well and I shall see you again in Poly. Thanks for being such a gr8 friend for these past 5 years, appreciate it. :>

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everything Horrible Describes Me Now

Today's so not going my way, causing me mood swings. Woke up at 11 with a stomach feeling so 'crampy' and also a backbone, just below my neck, which is superbly painful(all thanks to Hogan's double-decked bed). Went back to sleep and got up for lunch around 2ish. Back to bed after lunch and only got up again at 7. So I practically slept for 16 friggin' hours today, and yet I'm still feeling so lethargic. My stomach's still hurting like a bitch! Gah.

Just got back from EastPoint to get some stuff minutes ago. I think I walked like some zombie, totally no life in me. It sucks. And I only had like 1/4 of my Char Siew Roast Pork Rice for dinner. Gave Brother the rest of it. I like it how I don't eat much, but I h8 the cramps. How how how?

Gonna sleep real soon and hopefully I'll be alive and kicking tomorrow morning, then I'll probably make it to study with matez. Omg, don't I sound much like a pig?!

Shall make myself a cup of hot Milo now to calm my tummy down. Am I supposed to even drink Milo when I'm having cramps? Urgh, what the heck. Gdbye!

P/S: I hate it when I get neglected, especially when I'm sick.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gb Madness

Back and hooked onto Gunbound! Gonna kick some ass now. Hehehe. See ya!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Love to shop? Check out the newly set-up blogshop, Amabella!

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Here's one of my favourite!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just another day where I laze around my couch with the remote control, switching channels every now and then. As usual, I'd turn to StarWorld at 5 to catch 'Who's Line Is It Anway?' followed by 'The Simpsons' at 5.30. I never fail to fall asleep halfway through 'The Simpsons'.

Anwz, here are some pictures we took at Charmaine's on Friday aka National Day. I especially like the peeky on top! It's uber adorable. Heee.

So that marks the end of my post. Oh oh, before I go I just wanna say that Hogan shaved his head a few days back and he looks pretty much like a ball. Hopefully I won't, won't recognize him tomorrow. It'll be a shock of my life. Tata!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Exactly 21 more minutes before my MSN Messenger fully downloads. Why am I re-installing it again? Because of some damn virus! Urgh. Why are those people so free to create virus and send it to everyone? Does this please them?

Now every single time I sign into Messenger, it'll just auto logout for me saying that there's some problem with MSN. Shitass. I've to use eBuddy now. Just great! Curse that damn person who created this virus. Go get something else better to do.

Anyway, since I've the time now I shall post some pictures up. Yes, the overdued ones.

Oh, I curled my hair as you can see on top! Since I wanted to wash my hair, I played with my curler. It turned out quite nice. Is it?


Hello China girl! Hahaha.

Us with Shawn.

At my place.

With my Baby Daniel.

And Ms Sweetie. Haha! Baby randomly bought this for me.

Yay! The download's complete! Just in time. Alright, ciaoz!

Edited (again)

Wtf! I wasted one whole hour downloading MSN, and it still turned out the same! Urgh! Anyone has any solutions to this? Please please please help me! Tyvvm!

Zomg! My brother's freaking godlike! He just came back and solved my problem just by a few clicks of the mouse! Yayyie! Tyvvm brotherkinz! Heee.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ying Yang Yo!

I'm back! Yes, have been busy working these past few days. 3 days to be exact.

Here are the results after working.

1. Money, money, money!
2. Lacking of sleep.
3. Throat's superbly sore.
4. I've no voice left.
5. Been sneezing non-stop.
5. Lips are effin dry.

That's probably about it.

Anyway, Happy 44th Birthday Singapore! I know I'm a lil late, but it's the HEART that counts!(Don't bother trying to correct me, cause I know it's the thought that counts. Inside joke.)

Spent my day at Dawn's place with relatives. We were invited over to celebrate Daryl's 21st Birthday, and also his farewell party as he's going over to Aussie. Happy 21st Birthdayl, Daryl! He'll never see this, but I just had to say it. I was the earliest to leave and as usual, Cousins took photos without me again! @&#^%$*!

It's back to school tomorrow! Guess I'll have to wake up for Sports & Wellness at 0930 hours. I don't wanna get retained just cause of that! It'll be so so dumb.

Pictures for past few days with Cousins. Will post them up when I received them.

Babi Ponteh for dinner tomorrow. It's gonna be a spread. Ummm, I like! It's is actually a Peranakan dish. My favourite of all. It's pork chopped up into pieces, and cooked with brown sauce. I tried to googling it, wanting to post a picture here. But everything looked so disgusting. It's different from what Lisa cooked, way much better. Shall take a pic of it tomorrow during dinner to show you guys. Hopefully ya'll won't freak out. Because it taste soooo much better than it looks.

Time for bed. Nights!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dead Beat!

Too tired to blog.

Promise to do so soon. Heading to bed soon, goodnight.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


School - Charmaine's place - Mahjong-ed - Supper - Homed.

Super duper ultra mega tired now. I think I yawned about 10 thousand times since I reached home. Juz kidding.

School tomorrow @ 8. Gotta head over to HarbourFront by 11 to collect the stuff for work from Lynn Boss, and then over to Still Road to work. Urgh.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ms Choo!

Happy Birthday, Ms Choo!
I doubt you'll ever be reading this, but ah! What the heck. I think she's the only teacher who'd give a damn about my bengbeng classmates in class and entertain them. Eg, speaking hokkien to them, being their Tao-eh aka Big boss and what-so-ever. Though our age gap may be quite a bit, but in actual fact she really knows what we're thinking/doing. She managed to get the worst studentS(I'm emphasizing on the S), to come to class for her lessons and to get an A or a very high B for their tests! Imagine that. She's one fantastic teacher. We love you, Ms Choo!

Back on track. I'm here because I'm effin bored. I was stuck in the toilet for the longest time ever! I think it's the Pearl Milk Tea that I kept for 3 days and drank almost half of it. How stupid.

What should I blog about?

Oh oh! Let me type out my current needs(my wants are my needs too!).

1. Nikon D90 or a Lumix Lx3
2. Macbook
3. Adidas jacket
4. Shopping

Currently, this is it. What?! Can't I just dream for them? For all you know, one day they'll be all mine. This spells 3 words for myself, big fat hope!

Newayz, I think I'll give Costing a miss tomorrow just for my two babes, Charmaine & Marilyn. We'll be heading to Town with my other friends to meet up with my boss for our schedule this weekend. Damn, Miss Choo's gonna be teaching the topic that I missed out, cause I was teaching Kerner his Accounting, tomorrow. FML. What can I do? It's really rare for them to be going to Town with me, cause they're forever that lazy.

Okay. Shall do a lil touch up on my nails now as they're all starting to peel off, bit by bit.

Before I leave. Please help me do that 1 question survey on whether I should keep my hair.
10q vmuch.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Feeling super duper vexed this morning. Had to find so many girls, but ended up getting the wrong information. From 2 girls to 4 to 6 to 8, down to 6 and now to only 3. I stressed myself for nothing this entire morning!

Here's the scenario. My boss texted me asking if anyone is keen on working this Friday to Sunday at East Coast for a Roadshow.

Definition of a Roadshow: Informal. Any group travelling about the country for a specific purpose, as a political candidate together with his or her entourage.

And guess what? She now tells me that only 1 person will be allocated to 1 outlet, which are the Xpress outlets at Petrol stations if I'm not wrong. Backetbolla court(Miss Choo taught us to scold this word, instead of vulgar ones)! Now one of them have backed-out, one is still staying and I've yet to inform the other 2. Hallelujah!

Tried my luck to ask my Boss if Baby could work. She said just bring him along to see her on Wednesday. Okay, so there's still that little glimspe of hope.

Anyone interested in working? Mail me for details @, latest by tomorrow. Girls only.

Oh oh, and I was talking to Amanda bout it just now.

R: How come Roadshow seperate one?!
A: Idk her.
A: Her Roadshow is single one.
A: Like that time at Century Square, all the stalls got 2-5 ppl working, I solo.
A: I want go break also can't.
R: Crazy!
A: I know why is called roadshow liao.
A: Cos is at petrol station, got ROAD.
A: Then u at there pose, = ROADSHOW.

SMLJ! Ahahaha.

Peace out.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Met up with Clique in Town yesterday. It's been sooo sooo long!

Wheelock Place - Raffles Place - SupperClub.

Hate it when I forget to bring my cammy out. Dammit! Had to do with my PradaLuv 5mp camera. Conclusion: PradaLuv doesn't take fabulous photos at night.

Shall let the peekies do the talking!




Jiahao, Silvien.

Wisely, Silvien, myself.


Fadzly, Solomon.

Headed home early. Rest of the night didn't carry on smoothly, and it sucked. I'm really glad it's over.

Anw, caught 'The Hangover' with Charmaine at E!hub in the evening. Totally lovin' it. 2 words, freaking hilarious! I doubt very much that it should be a NC16 show. It really should be rated M18. Whatever it is, go catch it! You won't regret it. Dinner at Subwayz, and homed.

My bed's calling me naooooo! School @ 10 tomorrow, or later rather. Suckkkkkkkkkkk.



Overdued pictures from Thursday and Friday, combined.

Thursday @ JP's Pepper Lunch.

Check out Hogan's dua leng gong, aka gigantic, cellphone!

Friday @ Tampines.

Baby, me and China girl(Angela).




More pictures from Friday with Rowena. Shall get upload them when I get them.


Happy 9th, Baby.
Words can never explain how much you mean to me.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

Happy 19th Birthday, Marilyn!
Finally, you're 19! Another year and you won't get to see the 1x digit anymore. Don't worry. You still look young kay! Haha. I know you've lots of projects, but still must enjoy yourself okay! Furthermore, it's your birthday! And I didn't forget about it, It's because I slept real early last night. Love.