Bite On Bullets: October 2009




Saturday, October 31, 2009

Need Ideas!

Trip to Yakult Factory yesterday was an eye-opener. I totally didn't know that Yakult could provide us with so much of nutrients we need for our daily life. Just one little bottle and it already has 10 million good bacteria for us! Vitagen is gross and it doesn't provide us with any good bacteria at all.

Yakult! The healthy family drink!

Anyway, I actually went there empty handed and came back with 10 tubes of Yakult! Yakult craze's happening now. Am so determined to finish all of them with my brother by the 5th of December, cause that's the expiry date. Heh.

2 more days to 1st year anniversay.
6 more days to my 18th birthday.

I've no plans on what to do for my 18th birthday. I need ideas. Can any of you help me with it? Comment me with all your ideas! It'll be very much appreciated.

P/S: I miss this stupid.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Monopoly Game

It's been so long since I last lost something important. I panicked so much last night upon realising that my Accounting textbook and Hellokitty file(containing all my assignments and notes) were missing! I only found out when I was about to do my homework, in the middle of the night. Yeah, I'm weird. I like doing my homework before going to bed.

Moving on, after panicking for the longest time from the time before I went to bed til the next morning when I was in school, decided to text my last hope, Katherine! And dang! It was really with her. Sigh of relief. I was totally not concentrating during lesson.

I would never wanna lose anything ever again man. It scares the living shit outta me.

Sidetrack! I'm going to the Yakult Factory tomorrow with my classmates! It's sort of an excursion. Since I was a child, I loved Yakult and hated Vitagen. The taste's just different.

Anw, school's gonna sponser each of us a packet of Yakult! Awesome or what? Doubt I'll just leave there with only a pack. Heard that it's cheaper getting it from the factory itself, duh. Mm just passed me $50 to buy more, obviously I'm not gonna use all.

Also, I'm currently hooked on the Macdonald's Monopoly "Game". Went for lunch at Macs with classmates this afternoon and we collected a total of more than 35 mini cards! I so want the Ipod Touch! Anyone willing to give me their Joo Chiat Road if you have it? We're actually planning on going there again after our trip to Yakult Factory tomorrow. Total madness.

I'm getting bored, shall find some entertainment. Ciaoz.

P/S: Below's a GIF image I did. Heehee.

Gickr helps you to pimp your myspace

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm so sorry for neglecting this space, once again. I bet no one reads my blog anymore, maybe except for Baby who'd read it once he's out from camp.

It has been a really hectic week, or rather weeks. It has been pretty much the same though. School, home, temple, home. This routine goes on and on and on since since last week.

And yes, I'm still on vegetarian. I've been eating fruits in school for lunch while staring my classmates indulging in their oh-so-delicious food. Oh well, one more day to go! Finally! After tomorrow, I'm so gonna eat everyone I've been craving for the past few weeks. Okay, that's a lil over. I don't wanna gain weight again.

Here's a few pictures of Alvan(Weixiang), aka my nephew:

Adorable or what?

Anyway, I finally met Baby today! Happy like a bird. Been 2 weeks since I last saw him. It was a killer. Now he's back in camp again.

So, I finally managed to complete sticking all the blings on my PradaLuv's casing.



I look a long time getting all the diamonds in place, and my thumb still hurts a lil now from all the pushing.

Just remembered that I've not done my Accounting homework. Okay, I shall rush through it now. Bye! Xo.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Sorry for ignoring this lil space of mine recently. Just that my life's pretty much the same, the old boring routine once again. School and home. Shall find some things to talk about.

Since my birthday's coming real soon, let me elaborate more on my fantasy wishlist. Teehee.

Ipod Touch! I've been stuck with my Ipod classic for years, I must say it's still in top-notch condition, but the only thing that I don't like about it is that it doesn't have wicked games like those in the Ipod Touch.

Vans Satin Abby! My most wanted item currently. Doesn't the red just look so awesome? I'm actually contemplating between the red or the black one. Black's easy to match with, but the red just stands out so much more. I'm trying superbly hard to find this pair of pumps, but to no avail. Anyone knows where I can find them!? Please please please let me know, tyvm!

LV Neverfull MM! Every girl's dream bag, okay most. I'm a huge fan of big tote bags. My bags are all usually big as I like to throw stuff in without squeezing them and I'm in need of more bags now! I can only dream of having this 1k+ bag. If only I was born rich, yeah right.

Nikon D5000! Been wanting a DSLR since forever. Money money please drop from the sky.

Prada wallet! Okay, not really wanting this actually. But the pink just looks so pretty, doesn't it?

Aites, enough of my rantings. 22 more days to my birthday! To be exact, 21 as it has already pass midnight. Still haven't thought on how to celebrate, but I doubt I'll make it big. Oh well.

On a random note, I'm currently vegetarian if ya'll didn't know. I've been eating fruits for lunch while staring at my classmates eating meat. Every year I'll have to do this for 2 weeks, as the chinese 9th month is here. This is when we pay respect to the deities. So I'll be going to the temple again starting from tomorrow.

Shall head to bed soon. Gnight, xo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

OPI Pre-Orders!

Prices go as low as $12/bottle!

1-2 for $13/bottle
3 for $12.50/bottle
4-5 and above for $12/bottle!

C'mon! Comment/mail me now if you're interested!

P/S: Will only be sending orders in if response is good.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Happy Birthday Liz!
(She was my ex-maid and she went over to Charmaine's family to take care of my grandma when my grandma shifted from my place to Charmaine's.)

Fetched Babe from Yio Chu Kang as he had his safety driving lesson conducted by the Navy. The longest journey I ever took today. Can't believe I took the entire red line. He was actually not supposed to book out last night. Why? He's having another 2 weeks of confinement with the new enlistees. He's currently back in camp now.

Left quite soon for Lisa's birthday dinner at Simpang Bedok. Was there alone with Charmaine and her family as Mm(Mummy) and Dd(Daddy) had a company dinner to attend to. I've a bloated tummy now. Burp. Thanks Aunty Dot for the sumptuous dinner!

Claire kept doing the cocked-eyed face with the sticking out of tongue throughout the entire dinner, including the sucked-in nose. I've no idea why her eyes appear fine here.

Yummy yummy cake. Nom nom nom nom. It prolly contains like a thousand calories.

Oh and Baby gave me this Hellokitty thing. Make a guess what it is.

I bet ya'll wouldn't get the correct answer.

Was I right? Awesome or what? Adding on to my collection of Hellokitty pens in my Hellokitty pencil box. Heee. Talking about pens, school's reopening on Monday! Time really flies. I've been idling my past few weeks away. Oh well, shall make it up during my December holidays.

Anyway, was talking to Charmaine about our holiday getaway next time. I really want/need to go to BKK! Shopping, shopping and more shopping! Char, we need to plan it soon okay! Hehehe.

Back to my Café World now. Bai!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Baobao!

Happy Sweet 17th, YY Sis!
I didn't forget that it's your birthday today! I may not be as close anymore, but I still thank you for remembering me all these years. Do well for your O Levels and all the best! I shall see you soon yeah? Take good care Sis. Xoxo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Hanying!

Happy 18th Birthday, Hanying!
Before, I start off anything. I'd like to wish Lim Han Ying a happy sweet 18th birthday! I shall see you soon yeah? Xoxo.

Went to Town consecutively for 2 days from Saturday with Baby. Chilled, walked around, had dinner and walked around somemore. How do I always spend my time in Town doing nothing? Beats me.

Met up with Charmaine on Sunday after Baby after for lan gaming. Took a walk around ION when the shops were starting to close and homed.

And she looks like a small kiddo here. Haha!

The guy on the right, was pissing the heck outta me. His phone was superbly noisy. Must be some cheena man.

Been doing nothing much the past few days. Same ol' routine. Stayed home on Monday and went over to Baby's on Tuesday. He just booked into camp a few hours ago. Confinement for another 2 weeks. Blurdy hell. Blame him for refusing to re-take his NAFA at I-don't-know-where when he got Gold/Silver during his ITE days.

If you guys are wondering why he had to go in earlier, it's because the government won't the NAFA cert after 6 months. Yeah, that's why. If not he'd be booking in tomorrow and not a month back.

Anyway, back on track. Stayed home again today. Well, I did step out to Tampines to get some stuff and I headed back home. On a lighter note, my OPI Nail Polishes have arrived! Yay!

2 of em' belongs to Charmaine. Looks like I'll be setting up a little corner for my OPI nail polishes! It's not just gonna stick at these few bottles right. And I finally did my nails again! I think it looks really pretty now with the blings. Heee.

Alright, time for bed. Sentosa with classmates tomorrow! I need to tan!

Adios. Xo.

P/S: I've finally managed to solve the Rubik's cube! Twice infact! Hawhaw.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Headed to Town with Baby in the late afternoon. As usual, I reached first. Roamed around Orchard and settled for dinner at Sakae Sushi. It's been a darn long time since I last went there.

Went to Suntec to find Marina, Denise & her boyfriend. They were there catching bears. Walked over to Marina Square so that they could continue catching bears. Their all-time favourite hobby. They can catch those soft toys like free, I swear. Hogan's bed is prolly half filled with stuff toys that he has caught.


P/S: I love you BabyHC!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Happy 11th Month babe! Time really flies doesn't it? Just before you know it, it's gonna be the 2nd of November. Thanks for every single little thing that you've done and for sticking beside me through thick and thin.

Now that you're serving the Nation, I've hardly much time to spend with you and neither can I say 'Baby, let's go out!' as and when I like anymore. We used to do such last minute things in the past remember?

We shall enjoy ourselves tomorrow alright? Love you babe! See you tomorrow! Hugs and kisses.