Bite On Bullets: January 2010




Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nuffnang Is Love

Thank you Nuffnang! You made my day. :) There's gonna be more to come!


Check out our really awesome shades! Obviously, we had a reason why we bought them. I wouldn't dare to wear them out on the streets by myself y'know. I'll only tell you guys why we bought them next week or so. Stay tuned if you wanna find out!

Anyway, I met Charmaine in Town on Saturday to run some errands. Tried my luck searching for CNY clothing, but again to no avail. Hate it. I really gotta get new clothes soon! I wouldn't wanna be wearing my old clothes on CNY. It's called Chinese NEW Year for a reason.

Oh well. Shall go clothes-hunting this week. Headed to Charmaine's place for dinner. Mummy was already there. Emma(Charmaine's other cousin)'s back from overseas! The dinner was a so-called-celebration. The food was yummy-yum-yum.

Camwhored with the 2 cuzzies and our shades after dinner! Hehehe.


Trip To URA

Had a school outing with my classmates last Thursday to Urban Redevelopment Authority(URA) located somewhere near Chinatown. Had to wake up really early that day, and I remembered I only fell asleep at 3 in the morning. Dreadful!

URA has so many interesting little structures of most of Singapore. Scroll down and you'll understand what I mean.

Amanda, Jessica and me.

Check out Vin and his white teeth at the back! He could do an advert for Darlie toothpaste or something.

Back to the olden days.

A miniature of the central part of Singapore.

The details of each building is just darn awesome, ain't it!?

Vin and Wilson.

Veronica, Ruoping, Mari and me.

ITE College East(Simei).

The map of the entire Singapore!


Went back for a 2 hour lesson after the trip. Homed and met Charmaine in town and the both of us almost died in our heels. We made a reminder to ourselves to always bring a pack of plasters in our bags in future. Haha!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laziness Got The Better Outta Me

I was supposed to blog, but (refer to title). Shall do so tomorrow. Nights!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Billy Bombers

Met Charmaine the day before to search for some stuff and of course, shopping! Need not say much. Obviously, we went to Town, again. Singapore's getting real real boring.

So anyway, we finally stepped foot inside Forever21 at Somerset 313! But there wasn't really much pretty stuff. I had my eyes set on this hot pink pull-over, but they only had it in XL. So I just decided to see how small the S is in other colours. It was still too huge for me, I could totally wear it as a dress I swear. Oh well.

I ended up buying, nothing! What happened to all the pretty clothing!?! I need new clothes for CNY so badly! Currently, I've only one new dress that I got from a blogshop. This sucks.

Headed over to Bugis once we were done there. While waiting for Matthias to reach, we went shopping. Didn't get anything too. Finally when Matthias arrived, we dined at Billy Bombers.

We realised their deco looks similar to the game Diner Dash.

My dinner was free this time, I had this dinner voucher. Their serving portion there is always so huge. I couldn't even finish my food. I had to keep giving a bit to the both of them. But it's awesome.

It comes with a complimentary Nacho Cheese.

And chocolate milkshake! I'm falling in love with it! I know Charmaine would go "It just tastes like chocolate ice-cream". I just have this fetish for anything chocolatey!

Charmaine got me this from Bangkok too!

A Hello Kitty toothbrush! Cute or what!?

It even comes with this free Hello Kitty stamp. But there isn't any ink pad, guess I've to get it myself.

Love the details on the toothbrush. Finally, a new toothbrush! I've been wanting to change my toothbrush, and ta-dah! Here I go. Thank you Char! Love.

Shopped around a lil more after dinner to get our food digested, and back home for me and Matthias. Charmaine went to Bedok 85 to meet her friends for supper. I've no idea how she could even look at the food after having such a sumptuous dinner just an hour ago. My stomach was mad bloated even after I reached home. She said she'll just settle for some sugar cane though.

Can't wait for supper at 85 next week! Yay.