Bite On Bullets: November 2009




Sunday, November 29, 2009


28th of November was the worst day of both my and Hogan's life! Everything were just so screwed up and unpredictable.

Initial plan was to meet Hogan at 3pm, somewhere in town. But no, something had to crop up out of nowhere. Luckily I was with Charmaine before meeting him, so I got to waste a lil more time with her. She then left for a movie with Matthias.

Trained to Plaza Sing to check out the movie timing and waited. He was yet to be ready. So, he got me to meet him in the East. Trained all the way back to Tampines just to wait for him. And no, he still wasn't ready. I had to then meet him at Expo at about 8pm! Ugh, frustrating or what!? And what's the best part? I was alone throughout the 5 hours!

Ain't gonna blame Hogan much, he didn't want it this way too. Infact, his situation's a thousand times worse than mine. No kidding. It's too much to be mentioned.

So after the hectic day we both had, we finally got to enter KittyLab! Luckily, we made it in time to enter or there goes our money.

Our KTAs aka Kitty's DNA! The light changes colour every now and then.

I secretly took pictures of the inside. Yes, no photography is allowed inside. Dumb or what? There were more to it, but I was afraid the staff there would see.

He looks really happy doesn't he?

Us, outside KittyLab.

This was how the interior of KittyLab looks like. We had to play games and find the different stations allocated to us.

Entry tickets.

Cardholder + Landyard. I got even more pissed off, cause the red cardholder and landyard was out of stock. Or I would have gotten both the white and red ones. Hogan's not gonna be using it anyway.

Our personal ID Card. We had to win the games to choose our outfit, accessories and other stuff. Under my gain list, were 2 games that I lost. Both the Kuromi and Dumplings. I would have chosen My Melody if I won instead of Kuromi.

And here's our "Good Citizen Badge". We can only get this badge if we complete the games and leave the place under 35 minutes. Me and Hogan managed to complete everything within 20 minutes, so we took a 10 minutes stroll round KittyLab again.

That was how disastrous our day went. I'm glad it's all over.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fat X 1000000

Was out the whole day with Dd, Mm, Charmaine and her family. Whampoa for lunch at the famous duck rice stall(it really was good) and then to search for lightings for Charmaine's house. Over to Plaza Sing to look for door knobs and then to Carrefour.

It was already quite late by the time we were done, so I couldn't meet Hogan.

Over to Charmaine's, she got changed and then Matthias drove us to ECP for supper!

Charmaine, Matthias and his friends were there. It's been awhile since I last had all my favourite food. Gotta start exercising before I really turn into a fatty bom bom.

Totally didn't know why the picture turned out like that, when Matt's fingers weren't even blocking the flash.

Thanks for the lift home Matt! Uber excited, tomorrow's gonna be a happy happy day for both me and Hogan. I'm going to Kittylab in the night with him while he's happy cause its-a-secret. Heh.

Gotta rest well tonight. Gonna store all my energy for tomorrow! Gdnight, xo.

P/S: Sorry for the blurred pictures, forgotten to bring my cammy out today. All pictures were taken with my PradaLuv.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My life's getting really mundane. Nothing has been happening, still. Holidays, please come quickly. I need to work, I need money, I need to go shopping! I'm starting to panick a lil on my Audit, it's like I know nuts bout it. And I hate memory work. One day it's in, and another it's out. Fyi, Audit CA's on the 2nd of December.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this upcoming weekend! Hogan's bringing me to Kittylab. Hehehe. The cost per person ain't that cheap. And I heard no photography is allowed in there, but there are many who still continue snapping pictures. Hopefully, I can do it too. The excitement's getting into me already.

I've not been having enough sleep these past few days and I'm beginning to feel really restless now. I'm gonna rest early tonight, promise! Totally diggin' the weather these few nights. I've not been switching on my air-conditioner. It's just me, the fan, the comforter and my jacket. Awesome much?

Friday, November 20, 2009

This Is...

...why I love Chris Daughtry!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Advanced Accounting II CA tomorrow! I've managed to complete and balance 4 questions. I even timed myself because there'll be 2 questions. The first is the normal one that we've been doing and the other is a surprise question related to the same topic.

An average time to complete the first question takes about 40 minutes, and I managed to finish it within 35 minutes! Awesome! Hopefully tomorrow's question would be somewhat similar to those questions I've done. Crosses fingers*

Kay, time to sleep. Gdnight all!

P/S: There'll be a "Leonids Meteor Shower" later at 3am. If you're not asleep by then, try looking out your window to see if you can see it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another NS Man

Attended my cousin's baby(Alvin)'s first month. Didn't take a picture of the baby though, he was being hogged by all the adults. But, I've pictures of his elder brother, Alvan!

This is what the big boss does, hands behind back and checks that everything's in order. Adorable or what!?

Went back home to get changed before travelling down to Baby's place. Lazed around abit and then back to the East to send him off. Really relieved that Hogan's being posted to Changi Navel Base at Tanah Merah. I can then fetch/send him within a few minutes. Hehehe.

Check out my awful eyebags. All thanks to Hogan. He caused me to sleep for approx 5-6 hours the night before.

Alright, need to catch up on my sleep. Lesson's at 9 tomorrow. Hopefully I won't oversleep, like I usually do on Mondays. Gdnight!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skeleton Bones

Was out at town with this "guy" above on Friday. Hehe. Shall stop making fun of her, or she'd kill me. Main intention was to accompany her to send her Ipod Nano for servicing as all her songs in her Nano disappeared. But miraculously, her entire collection of songs came back in the morning. Weird much.

Wisma - ION - Tangs - FEP.

Had dessert before dinner. Sandrina's one insane boy, I mean girl. People usually have dinner first before dessert. But no, it's the other way round for her.

Fyi, I dyed my hair brown a month back or two. Thanks to my jet black hair, it still looks back.

Check out her new heels from C&K. I'm guessing it's bout 5 inches or more. Madness. Lucky for my wedges that day, if not I'd look like a midget beside her. Also, I look as though I'm someone suffering from obesity beside her cause she's real skinny now. Thanks Sandnana.

Homed early that day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"A Christmas Carol" Exclusive Preview Movie Contest

What better way to celebrate and bring out the Christmas mood in you, than this show!? Finally it's coming! Been hearing quite a bit about this upcoming movie. Time really flies, soon it'll be Christmas time.

This is a story bout a guy named Ebenezer Scrooge, which is played by Jim Carrey(Jim Carrey's my favourite comedian btw), who begins the Christmas holiday with his usual stingy contempt, barking at his faithful clerk (Gary Oldman) and his cheery nephew (Colin Firth). But when the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come take him on an eye-opening journey revealing truths Ebenezer Scrooge is reluctant to face, he must open his heart to undo years of ill will before it's too late.

In this show, Jim Carrey plays 4 different types of characters. Yes, 4!

1) Ebenezer Scrooge
- Of course the first is none other than the old man, Ebenezer Scrooge!

2) Ghost of Christmas Past
- The first of three spirits that come in the night.

3) Ghost of Christmas Present
- The second of three spirits that come in the night.

4) Ghost of Christmas Future
- The last of three spirits.

Interesting isn't it? Imagine the difficulties Jim Carrey had to go through for all 4 characters.

Here's a look at the trailer:

Can't wait for the movie to be out! Remember to catch it when it's out! Don't miss it!