Bite On Bullets: July 2009




Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Hooked

Over to Baby's after school which ended at 10am(skipped lecture). Hiakhiak. Lunched at Jurong Point's Pepper Lunch, again. I confess, I'm hooked on Pepper Lunch! Hahaha. All thanks to Veron for bringing me there. I still remembered the other time where I said 'Pepper Lunch again!?' to Marilyn.

Met Baby's friend, Eugene and his girlfriend after lunch. Trained back home, while the 3 of them went to Ashley's place to play Poker. Woo.

It's finally Friday tomorrow! School's supposed to end 11, but I've to stay back from 2-5 to coach my other classmates who failed Accounting/were absent. Still deciding where to have lunch at with classmates during the 3 hour break. My mind's current blank.

Anyway, here's Terry with my Hellokitty pen. It's like his bestfriend now. Fyi, he dropped it 3 times! Urgh.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ION Orchard

Good news for me! I've managed to grab hold of that A for my Accounts(despite getting quite a number of mistakes)! Phew. Felt really relieved when Ms Chan told me about it. Another heavy stone off my chest. The real thing's gonna be in September. I want back my GPA! Means I've to work doubly hard.

Anyway, Baby and I took a trip to ION Orchard aka AhTiong Owner's construction site(inside joke) yesterday! Finally. I felt like a tourist once I stepped out of Orchard station. It was like, a totally new Orchard. And damn, it was huge! 7 stories!? Madness. It felt so much bigger than Vivo. But it's actually not. I googled.

Been playing Texas Holdem Poker with Baby. Super irritated when others go against me. And guess what? Lately, Baby and my classmates are soooo into Poker that they'll be gathering at Ashley's place tomorrow to play! God. I admit, I'm into Poker too. But I just hate it when I lose, who doesn't?

Okay, back to my Bejeweled! Hahaha. Peace out!

I Love Hogan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Rowena!

Happy Sweet 17th Birthday, Rowena!
We shall celebrate your birthday some other day alright. Do well in your upcoming 'O's! All the best! Remember to collect your present from me! Hahaha. Love.

P/S: Tagboards deleted, comments preferred. Try harder if you wanna discriminate me. Hawhawhaw! ;)

P/P/S: Advertisers, continue advertising on my comments instead! I'll approve them.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Saturday - Out with classmates, Veronica, Wilson and Finn to mug. Went lunch at Suntec's Pepper Lunch and over to Gloria Jeans to study. It was my virgin trip to Pepper Lunch and I really liked it.(Do not laugh at me.) Headed to Charmaine's at 7 for dinner.

Finn & AhTiong aka Wilson aka my owner.

Compare, who has the bigger teeth.

Blurred Veron & me.

Sunday - Mugged with classmates again. This time, there were more of them. Wilson, Rohana, Mari, Veronica, Nadilah, Alicia, Finn, Vin, Terry, Ashley and Ken.

Guess where's this? We were at Funan IT Mall's food court! It's really quite a conducive place to study at.


Ken & Ashley.

We walked over to Suntec after we were done. And had Pepper Lunch again for dinner! And homed.

Today's Accounting paper was really really tricky. Mad angry at myself cause I forgot to add in a few transactions. Dammit! Hopefully, moderation will take place. I want my A! :(

Anyway, Mummy got for me my pink chair from IKEA!

Hello pink chair!

So the other chair is just placed at the side for my Daneil to sit on. Haha!


P/S: I'm lovin' Macs shaker fries again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sadly, I didn't get to see much of the eclipse that happened this morning. Maybe it was due to the rain. I should have went to Shanghai to see it. Hahaha.

Anyway, after dinner(which I didn't have), Daddy asked if I received an email from him. Obviously I've not checked it, since I was lazing on the couch since 5.30pm. So I got my butt of the couch and checked it. Guess what he sent me?

Yes, this! Hahaha. Super cute. He drew it for me. I think he knows that I've no clock in my room, besides my digital radio clock. He added in that there were limited colours in paint, so this was the only pink. Lol. I really can't stop laughing everytime I see this. Aww, thanks Daddy! Hehe.

Alright, waiting for Baby to reach home. Will be meeting him again tomorrow.



I love Baby.
I love Jolene.
I love Classmates.
I love Cousins.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's coming, it's finally coming! I've waited for this movie for so long! I've been wanting to watch it since a month back(I think)! I remember watching this trailer about 10 times and still counting. Never once that I watched it, I wouldn't laugh. Luckily no one's with me everytime I watch the trailer, or they'd be laughing at how silly I am.

The very first time that I saw the trailer of this movie, I got so so so excited! I kept bugging Hogan to bring me to watch it when it's out. Now, I have a chance(hopefully) to do so! And it's all thanks to Nuffnang! That's why when I saw the message they had on Twitter, I did this asap! I really really really wanna catch it, please Nuffnang! :)


A 78 year-old balloon salesman who have always dreamed of having an adventure. My first view of him was actually just an ordinary old and boring man with a grumpy face. But I was so so wrong! My view changed immediately once his house took off with thousands of balloons! I especially liked the part where he stuck out his tongue at two guys and said 'So long boys!'. I never fail to laugh each time he does that. I feel that he's actually hard on the outside and soft on the inside when he actually slammed the door against Russell and then opened it again. If only all 78 year-old man were as adventurous as Carl Fredricksen!

Moving on to(my favourite)..


Only at 8 years old, and already so optimistic! He's only a badge away from becoming the Senior Wilderness Explorer, which he's so eager to become. I just love it when he speaks. His chubby figure just adds on to his cuteness. With his backpack always on, he's not afraid of danger, infact he's one adventurous kid! How often do we see kids who are so optimistic in everything they do, and wanting to do it to the best of their capability? I like the part where he accidentally threw his Wilderness Explorer GPS out of the window and also when he slid across Charles F. Muntz's window in the sky. I can say that he's one brave kid!

Here's Russell reading his Wilderness handbook.


Dug! The talking dog which totally amazed both Carl and Russell. He was acutally supposed to be on a special mission and succeeded when he discovers the bird following Russell and Carl. He then have to decide where he really fits in


Kevin, named by Russell, the 13-foot-tall flightless bird! Brought joy and laughter to Russell halfway through their journey. He's one colourful bird.

They look so happy together here. (Though Carl is pulling his long grumpy face again, I know he feels happy on the inside.)

I'm so into the movie that I played around the whole entire website! Try it out yourself!

I did this image here using the ImageMaker! It's really really fun!

I really can't wait for this movie to be shown! It's gonna be my favourite movie of all! And guess what?

I had to change my laptop's background to the wallpaper of 'UP'! I'm really really excited! 7th August, please come real soon!

UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009”!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kick It Off

I'm back! Weekends was spent rather fruitfully. Charmaine accompanied me to Bugis. Main intention was to get my school shoes, but sadly they didn't have it in my size and the others weren't nice. Wasted trip there. She joined her friends for dinner at Bugis, while I headed to Town to look for Baby and Reign. Sufen joined us not too long later.

Baby's shirt was supposed to spell 'GANT' and it so happened that the T was blocked out. Like funny only, as though it's his name on his shirt.

Cabbed down to Clark Quay to find the Clique. Finally I got to see them after I-don't-know-how-long.

With Ruth outside Social House.

Went home early because Cousins wanted to play overnight mahjong! They stayed over. Can't believe we played til 6.30 in the morning. And I was the only sole loser. Damn it.

We woke up at 2 later on, as most of our relatives were already at my house. Took a walk at EastPoint and helped Charmaine with her make-up as she had to take a picture for her University card.

I love this picture Rowena took for me! Though I look like I only had half of my life left. Friggin' jealous cause she now owns that Lumix camera I had always wanted! Sad sad sad sad sad. I hate you Row! :(

Using my PradaLuv's front camera, that's why it's so blurified.

Charmaine after her make-over!

Met Baby this morning at EastPoint and then to Tampines for breakfast at Macs.

He gave me another packet of HelloKitty sweets! Fyi, I've another two packets at home but of different flavours. This sweet rockz! Thank you Baby! I love you! :)

I'm super duper tired from the 5 hours of sleep I had yesterday and it's a must to go for Sports & Wellness tomorrow @ 9.30am. I think it's been a month or so since I last went. I'd better go take my attendance before I fail S&W. It'd be sooo retarded. Nights!

P/S: I'm considering if I should leave my fringe or cut it short again.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Puerile Kids With No Life

Guessed most of you have seen those childish peeps on my tagboard commenting on how bad my English is, branded stuff which I don't take receipts of are unauthentic and how students in ITE are stupid. Haha. Such crap.

Firstly, if these people's English is so darn fantastic, why don't they become an English language teacher or probably write a book and publish it. I didn't know that typo errors means that that person's English ain't good. Woah, is it a new fact made by them? Lol.

Secondly, if I don't take receipts of my branded things and only post the item on my blog, they are definitely unauthentic? Omg, what is the world coming to. Peeps out there, next time when ya'll ever get any branded stuff, please take a photo of your receipt! Or else some people might think that it's a fake. Which means if you've a hundred branded things, take all the pictures of the hundred receipts and post them up! Including your parents' ones! Oh, then would you wanna say that my Prada phone is a fake too? Cause I didn't take the receipt and blog it up. What about my DKNY and Adidas watches? Fake too ey? No receipts of them either.

Seriously, get a life. I'm so sorry to disappoint you, but my Mum's Coach bags are definitely authentic, REAL. And so are her other branded stuff, my Prada phone and my two watches. Don't worry, I've informed everyone to take pictures of their receipts in the future to let everyone know, including you guys that they're not fake.

How puerile can they get?

Next, all students in ITE are stupid? Haha! What a joke. You should get your facts right! Go do some research! 2 out of the 3 Lee Kuan Yew awards have been given to ITE students. Don't look down on us just because we're in ITE. Some studying there because they chose not to continue to Sec 5, for example half of my class including me. We find it easier to get into Poly from ITE rather than from O Levels. So what if we're a year slower than others? Doesn't mean we learn lesser things. Infact, within that year, we learn so much more things then you do! We definitely have more respect for people too.

So stop bragging about how great you are. You're just another kid who can't grow up and have no confidence in yourself. --- Queen? What a name! You wanna be a queen? Go to England. Oh and maybe you could be a lecturer there since your English is so perfect.

Saying that we're dumb and stuff. Actually you're reflecting on yourself! People who talks bad about others, are usually bad themselves, haven't you heard of it? And I thought your English was so damn bloody good! It just proves how childish and shallow your thinking is. Smart people would definitely not go round to people's blog commenting on how dumb/stupid they are.

Just to let everyone know, I'm really not a single bit frustrated at all! I actually feel the opposite! It made me and quite a number of people laugh at their stupidity. They can spam all they want, it won't bring me down. Try as hard as they want, I'll just delete their tags. Simple as ABC. Hee.

I'm actually really bored, that's why. Otherwise, I really can't be bothered yknow. Haha!

Peace out! Luv.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eclipse Of The Sun 2009

Guess what?! I finally got my haircut today! How's it? I quite like it, though my heart ached when they snipped my longgg hair off. I want some comments!

Oh oh, and I just found out that Singapore's gonna be affected by the eclipse of the sun on the 22nd of July, next Wednesday! Omg, this is when the day becomes night. I doubt there'll be lamp posts on during that time because they're all auto-mated. This is so scary, the whole Singapore's gonna be in darkness for I-don't-know-how-long. Bring out your torches with you that day peeps! And of course to the babes out there, please becareful of Bangalas! Serious. Haha!

Alright, there's nothing much happening. There'll be Accounting remedial tomorrow and Wilson suggested to have lunch at Downtown East's Fish & Co Express! Woohoo! At least we could kill time. Our remedial only starts at 2 PM, and our actual lessons end at 11 freaking AM. Hopefully there'll be more of my classmates turning up for it, which I doubt very much.

Lastly, I did something bad. I've to own up. Please don't kill me for this.

Actually, I lied about cutting my hair! Hahaha! Did you guys believe it?! Was it convincing enough?

How could I bear cutting my long hair after a few years of growing it. Some want it, but can't have it yknow! They end up needing to spend money on extensions.

Hehehe. But but, I still want comments if I look better in long or short hair okay! Love.

Charmaine's bugging me to play Wahjong/Big2 on Viwawa with her.

Gnight everyone!