Bite On Bullets: August 2008




Saturday, August 30, 2008

Suntec City

Woke up at 12 this morning and went over to EastPoint with Daddy and Mommy. Mommy bought 10 boxes of mooncakes and took forever. She's gonna give like 6 boxes away, she left with my Aunty after that. So anyway, I had lunch at Hanis with Daddy. Got home, rushed and quickly got ready in the shortest time possible. Why? I was late to meet Weiting! Sorry darling for making you wait for me for about an hour. Deepest apology. (L)

Met Weiting at Bedok and sold 2 of her phones, she was richer by 50 bucks just like that. Envy. Took 196 down to Suntec. Walked around, bought some finger food and got the chocolates from Royce for her Boyfriend. The chocolate's heavenly! You guys should go get a box of it. It's expensive, but worth it. The chocolate melts in your mouth, and it's very sweet. Royce's located at Suntec City Mall, just outside Carrefour on the first floor. Walked over to the Commex show, and damn was it crowded. We had difficulty walking and we both almost tripped a few times. Laughs. Went to find my Brother and his girlfriend, Pipi. They were too busy to even talk to us. All they did was just to say hi. Home sweet home.

Weiting's coming over to my place soon! She's coming to stay overnight. Hoho, I can't wait! Weiting, faster! I'm bored.

Happy Teachers' Day!

Happy Teachers' Day, Teachers! ♥
Be it my teachers from Secondary school or ITE lecturers, thank you. Thanks for giving me knowledge on studies, and also for your support. This goes out especially to my Secondary school teachers for tolerating all my nonsense and for always encouraging me. Ms Soh, Mdm Yeo, Mdm Sharifah and Ms Lim, thank you. Ya'll are the best any student can ever have.

Pulled myself outta bed this morning at 8.30am and got changed. Waited for Luqman to get ready and we bused back to our Secondary school. Didn't attend lessons today, and I felt guilty. But luckily, 5/1 and 5/2's Teacher's Day celebration was a blast! I enjoyed my time there. Those heart-warming and encouraging words from Ms Soh, Mdm Yeo and Ms Lim were touching. And I thank them for that. I miss my 5/2. Actually if time were to reverse, I might have chosen the Sec 5 route. Well, I've made my decision and I'm not gonna regret. Caught up with my girlfriends, Valerie & Hanying. I've missed them a whole bunch.

After the celebration, Khaizal, Clement and I went over to EastWood and slacked there for quite sometime. They were supposed to go down to Orchard for some Karaoke session with a whole big group, but they decided to go to Grandlink's one instead. I wanted to join them, but I lacked of cash and studies. So, I'm sorry you guys! You know I still love ya'll yea? The three of us had a joyful time together, joking and crapping. We even walked to Tanah Merah and taught Khaizal more Hokkien words. Dammit cute! It's cause he didn't have coins to take the bus. But, it was fun.

Came back home. So much for 'I want to study, because exams are only 1 week away' thing. I came back, Daddy bought bubble tea for me and we watched the past two episodes of 'Behind Closed Doors'. He wanted me to watch it. Fell right asleep on my couch after the show. By the time I woke up, it was close to dinner time. Daddy went to get dinner and I watched my seven o'clock show. But I motivated myself to study after my ten o'clock show. It's something good. So currently, I've just finished my 100 crunches and revision for Business Fundamentals (one chapter). Two down, I've got thirteen more chapters to go. Good luck, Regina.

I'll be meeting Weiting tomorrow at Bedok to run some errands before going over to Suntec. We're gonna have hell lots of fun. Losta love. Anyway, I'm uber tired now. My eyes are half closed, so sweetest dreams everyone.

I wanted you to be there when I fall. (L)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Republic of Singapore Air Force

Went over to the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) in the morning with my class. The weather was scorching hot, and everyone was perspiraring like mad. Alright, I'll let the photos do the talking. Happy 40th Anniversary RSAF! Stupid Blogger doesn't allow me to upload the rest of my photos. So readers, you'll have to wait. I'm sorry.

Cheryl, Desiree, Regina, Jessica.

Terry, Bestfriend.

PS: I love Hana's hot pink Puma shoe!

And Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 17th Birthday, Amanda & Alicia!

Tuesday, 26th August 2008

Went back home straight after school. Got changed and prepared. Katherine came in a cab and fetched me from my place to DownTown East. I swear I wanna slap the stupid Taxi driver's face. From Simei ITE, to my place and followed by DownTown East costed a total of $15.70! Like what the hell! He took a superbly long route, that we've never travelled before. We even passed a Japanese school which I've never seen before. Imagine that. The cab's number plate number is SH6125Z. Remember it, and don't ever take it. So, she wrote in to complain about that driver. And they got back to her today! They gave stupid excuses like he covered his ID because he's face is ugly etc. Utter rubbish. Nevermind, forget it. Got Alicia's present and accompanied her to get her sports stuff. Took bus 5 back home.

Oh, and did I tell you I took a free bus ride in the morning? It's because of this..

Wednesday, 27th August 2008

Happy 17th Birthday, Amanda & Alicia! ♥
Hope you girls enjoyed your day today and loved your presents we gave you yea? Hugs & kisses. I love you!

Bought their cake in the morning and cabbed to school. Took bus 12 over to Ehub with Amanda, Katherine, Gabriel, Ken, Kerner, Finn, Ashley, Terry, Hadi and Jinhan. Caught the movie 'Death Race'. It's superbly awesome! But it's quite abhorrent and disturbing. Overall, I rate it 5/5! It's the best movie yet. Bused back home after the show.

Will be heading over to Paya Lebar's Airbase tomorrow for an excursion with my class. I'm uber tired now. Shall sleep early tonight, and get some beauty sleep. Goodnight.

The 2 birthday girls.

Right: Red egg given by Amanda.

Xiaosunshine with Amanda's new necklace and our messy table during Accounting Fundamentals.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Uber Tired

I currently still hate my hair. And I'm still not happy that it's so darn effin short! Nabei. Hair, please don't be so flat and faster grow! Lol. Sorry for whining, but I'm gonna do so everyday (well almost) til my hair is back some sort like before.

School ended real early today, at about 1.50pm. Came straight home. I've been wanting to catch a nap from just now. But it never seems to work. The air conditioning man came to service all my aircons. Okay, I shall nap for a lil while now til dinner. Goodbye.

Those who're interested in attending the upcoming party at PLAY, please please get your tickets from me! The next day is Teacher's Day, so not to worry! C'mon! Contact me now!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hair Rebonded

(Click to enlarge)

I got my hair rebonded again this morning. And my hair now is friggin' short! *#&@! Nb.

Happy 17th Birthday, Isabella!

Happy 17th Birthday, Isabella Baby! ♥

I almost got my hair dyed! Thanks to Mummy for giving me false hope. Got real pissed off. Forget it. Anyway, I had lunch at Simpang with Mummy, Aunty and Uncle. They sent me home after lunch.

Got changed and prepared. Left my house about close to 5. Met Randall, Craig and Silvien at Plaza Singapura. Saw Shanice, Sheryl and Marcus at Dhoby Ghaut. Slacked with them for a lil while and trained back to Pasir Ris to meet Weiting and Iris at 5.45pm.
Bused over to Babygirl's barbeque venue. Slacked around with Weiting, Iris, Boyster and another girl. Had fun with them. Took a gazillion and one photos. Left there slightly after 10. Weiting and Iris accompanied me back to Pasir Ris Interchange. Weiting and I then took bus 5 home. Chatted quite a lil. And Weiting, take good care of your ears yea. See a doctor soon uh!

Overall I've enjoyed my day with these 2 babes, and not forgetting my beloved Baby! (L)

A special dedication to, Tan Tina Isabella:
Happy 17th Birthday, Babygirl! (L) Hope you enjoyed your party yea? Thanks for always being there for you when I needed you. No words can express how much I love you. I feel really blessed to know you. You doted on me the most, and I really am very touched. Though we seldom meet, deep down I still know that you're the person I really treasure. We never had an arguement before, this shows how our bond is between us. Sorry for not being able to get you a present today. I promise, Im'ma surprise you one day. And also, good luck for your upcoming 'O's! I wanna see you in the Poly alright. Happy birthday once again, Baby. May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled. Remember this, no matter what I'll always be here for you. And that's a promise. I'm supposed to see you and Taijun get married okay! I love you, til eternity! (L)


Weiting, Boyster & Iris.


Goodnight, my dear readers.