Bite On Bullets: May 2009




Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Treat

Was out with Daddy the whole afternoon at Tampines. Had lunch at Swensens. Had my all-time favourite Black Pepper Seafood Pasta and Sticky Chewy Chocolate! Daddy then suggested for a movie.

So we settled for 'Night At The Museum 2'! The queue at Golden Village was fantastic, I think we queued up for about 25 minutes or so. But it was worth it. Some peeps said that the first one was better, but I think both was equally good. Laughed a hell lot during the show. And Daddy brought me out today cause he said I've got distinctions for my test. Haha!

After it ended went to Orchard to fetch Baby from work and then back to Expo for the food fair. I think the food this time's much better than the previous fair. I think I'm gonna go back someday next week. Baby then sent me back home.

Okay, Fadzly's asking me out to Town now to chill. Considering if I should go, and I could pay Baby a visit at his work place too! Ciaoz.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Veronica!

Happy Sweet 19th Birthday, Veronica!
Enjoy your day and remember, stand for your rights! You know what I mean right? Haha! Luv.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Retail Therapy

Baby came to fetch me from school today and over to Tampines. Went shopping at Tampines1 and had lunch at Subway's. He kept complaining that it was the suckiest Subway he had ever been to. Isn't all Subways the same? Prolly cause I don't eat vegetables and he does. Haha! 

Didn't get myself anything today because I spent a total of $61 there yesterday! I went there alone after I went to Tangs in Town to meet Baby for lunch. And guess what I spent on..

There goes my money. I can't believe I can spend so much in Tampines. Oh well, at least I'm satisfied with my stuff. Oh yeah, Mari also got me a HelloKitty file! Thank you so so much! Love it.

Anyway, back to the topic. Over to the Ministry Of Education building at Buona Vista to collect Baby's O Level cert. Trained down to Vivo randomly after that. Walked around and saw this super pretty bag at Puma! Gonna ask Sam to get it for me. Spend money again.

Something happened while I was on my way back. So Baby ended up sending me all the way home and back to the West to meet his friends. Thanks for today Baby, I love you!

P/S: I fucking(X1000) hate Bangalas!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our competition's are finally over, and though Team 2 didn't manage to get in the finals, Team 1 did awesome! They got a second place! They did their best, and could have won if not for that dumb referee. They were only 2 points away okay! Oh well, as long as we know they're first, that's all that matters.

After everything was over yesterday, we ate a lil at WestMall. Everyone went their seperate ways while I went to Tangs to find Baby at work. How I wish I could work there. Though the pay is average, the people who're working with him are friendly, work's quite slack and everything else. Hopefully there'll be a slot for me in June.

Huimin, Iris, Jiehui, Ivan and co. went to Parklane for lan gaming! I was actually supposed to join them after dinner with Baby, but it was already quite late. Sorry guys. Waited for Baby to end work and he sent me home.

Had difficulty waking up today because of a few problems. Firstly, my eyes had difficulty opening due to the contact lens that I wore again yesterday. Secondly, my throat was hurting badly that my voice has changed slightly from all the cheering at the competition. Lastly, obviously it's cause I couldn't pull myself outta bed.

Every subject's starting on new topics and I've missed some of them. I've to catch up on them soon, because there's gonna be CAs again once school reopens. Damn. Anyway, I went to collect my clothes from Tampines' Singpost as no one was at home when it was delivered. Really contented with what I got.

Okay, time for bed. Nights peeps!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Freedom(For The Moment)!

Yay! All tests are over! Happy like a bird. Now, I've to hope for As. I got an A for Costing! So one down, two to go. Prays for the best.


P/S: Losers.

Airport's T2

Gonna make it short and sweet. Went to the Airport's Terminal 2's Macdonald's to study with Amanda, Cheryl, Ashley, Ebenezer, Ken, Kerner and Terry. Dinner at Pasir Ris with Amanda, Cheryl and Kerner. Homed.

I was practically teaching them throughout the whole day. Didn't touch much on Goodwill myself. Damn. So to make up for it, I'm gonna go school earlier tomorrow to revise. I'm glad I actually understood what I've just read through, hopefully tomorrow's question ain't tough.

Alright, Im'ma hit the sack. Wish me luck for tomorrow's Accounts CA! Nighty nights.


Cheryl, Amanda and Ebenezer.

Terry, Ken and Kerner.

P/S: I miss my Baby boy.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Genting Trip


Hello all! I'm finally back to my usual blogging. Sorry for those short updates here and there, was really busy. Now, I'm gonna make sure that ya'll don't die from boredom. I'll be blogging bout my Genting trip on the 15th of May to the 17th. It's gonna be a really really long one.

Met everyone at Lavender MRT slightly after 9 and then over to Transtar which was Baby's attachment place last time. Saw Baby's colleagues, Emerson and BLAHBLAH, but they couldn't recognise me. Boarded the bus and off w.
we went.

Us being damn excited.

Introducing, my Cousins, Parents, Aunties and Uncles! (Sorry for the dark pictures, the flash was too bright.)







Group picture!

Aunty Alice and Godma Daisy.
Mummy and Daddy.

Godpa Richard.

Aunty Lucy and Uncle Tony.

Aunty GekSim and Uncle Jimmy.

The sisters.


Marmar and Rowrow.

BCF(Best Cousins Forever), lol!

And me!

Marilyn's Mum brought us Organic food again, this time it's potato chips!

This is actually quite nice, it tastes almost the same as all other sour cream potato chips. But but, this is so much more healthier and less fattening(or rather no fats at all, I think)!

Time for more food. She also got donuts for all of us! Yay!

Check out this picture of Angela below, it's damn hilarious!

Gee, what's up with your face? Lol! And looking at it, she laughed at herself.

On our way there, didn't really do much but to sleep. What do you expect? It's the wee hours in the morning! Didn't watch movies on the television. Mainly cause the shows were boring. There was this horror movie, but I wasn't really interested.

Finally! After six and a half hours of journey, we arrived at Genting Highlands!

Everyone was at the lobby waiting to check-in, and it took quite long. Luckily Godma Daisy booked the rooms in advanced, or we'd have to wait/brush their teeth at the lobby's toilet/sleep at the lobby just like other people, overnight. Poor things.


Mummy and Claire.

My room number! Buy 4D.

Immediately, Mummy and Claire went to rest as soon as we arrived and had to wake up after 3 minutes after they touched the bed.

And the room's freaking small! If I remembered correctly, the last time that I came, the room was huge. Ain't what I expected.

Over to KFC for breakfast with Cousins.

This meal only costed me RM11+(?). Guess it's slightly cheaper than Singapore's if I'm correct.

Now, check out our morning faces.

While on the way back to our rooms, spotted this beautiful blue sky just outside the window while waiting for the lift.

And when we reached our 25th level, we turned and realised that the actual colour was this!

It was the window which was blue! But still, both pictures are magnificent.

Back at our rooms.

Clarence with Claire's hairband. Haha.

Godma Daisy then brought us to get our Themepark(both outdoor and indoor) wristband!

A picture of our hotel being half covered by the clouds.

And us, at the Outdoor Themepark!

First up, we bought tickets to the Flying Coster(RM10 each)! But sadly when we reached, they told us that they were having maintenance for it and asked us to come back 10 minutes later.

So, we headed for the Viking Ship. Didn't snap any pictures of it. Singapore's Viking is so much higher and scarier. Genting's one was really low.

Next, to the tea cups! No one actually dared to sit with Clarence and Marilyn, because we'll knew that she'd spin damn fast. So the both of them sat together and spun their heads off. Charmaine skipped that ride because she's afraid of dizzy-ness, so she was the photographer for the next few photos.

Say cheese!

My expression was damn funny, so I had to distort it here. But I loved the way my hair was blown. Lmao!

The dizzy us!

And of course, with the camera with Char, she took some pictures of herself and loved them.

While on our way to the Flying Swings, we saw this man with a huge snake and a chameleon(which Mar kept insisting that it was fake).

He kept coming near us, and we obviously screamed and ran away.

Spot the chameleon, it looks really fake doesn't it? It just sat there and not move at all!

Alright, back to the topic.

Our all-time favourite ride! But I got quite dizzy after sitting it. Guess I'm getting old.

And I love the pretty pretty colours!

Smile everyone!

The carousel.

Now, over to this chocolate figurines place. It's new there, and so we went in and snapped a few pictures.

If only it was real.

I'm a little tea pot, short and stout!

Here is my handle and here is my spout!

Check out how huge this books were. They were almost double of me and taller.

Back to our Flying Coaster! Got Shawn to take pictures for us and Claire to look after our stuff as they were too scared to try it.

Spot Clarence, Angela and Marilyn.

Now spot Charmaine, Rowena and me!

Left the outdoor themepark after taking most of the rides. And just outside the other exit we spotted two monkeys and two tigers.

Monkey and Monkey Clarence.

Tiger Charmaine and Tiger Tabby.

Walked past the 3D Motion Ride and realised that we could go in for free!

It wasn't a really nice show, it's actually a lil scary because there were sharks and other scary monsters. No wonder it's called 'Monsters Of The Deep'.

While walking through the long and winding path to the theatre, we spotted some riddles and jokes on the walls. Here's one, try it.

Did you manage to solve this? Charmaine and I actually took so so so long to understand it even after Clarence's explaination(twice).

For those who were like us, it actually means something like this. 8-Eight, 5-Five, 4-Four, 9-Nine, 1-One, 7-Seven, 6-Six, 3-Three, 2-Two, 0-Zero. Read all the first letters of each number and it runs in alphabetical order. E, F, F, N, O, S, S, T, T, Z.

In the theatre, most of the seats were filled up. So, we had to sit separately. Ange was seated beside me.

Coolios glasses.

After the show, we went for the Indoor Roller Coaster and Bumper Car and then headed for lunch.

While roaming around, we spotted this skeleton guy outside the Haunted House.

This time, we didn't have enough time to go to the Haunted House and Ripley's Believe Or Not! I really love going in Ripley's. Their stuff are all so amazing. Oh well.

Angela, Clarence and Shawn had Kenny Rogers for lunch. While Charmaine, Claire, Marilyn, Rowena and I settled for lunch at this place called Hou Mei(好美). They accompanied me as I couldn't eat chicken cause of my skin problem.

This place sucks big time! It has been black listed by all of us. And a note to all of you if you're ever in Genting. DO NOT, I repeat, do not go to this place! There're such scammers. Each meal costed us about RM15++ and each drink was about RM5 excluding of 15% charge for each thing we order! What the fuck?!

It's not even a freaking restaurant for god's sake. And the food wasn't at all fantastic. What a waste of our precious money!

We didn't even manage to finish all(except the wantons), because they were either too blend or it tasted funny.

Charmaine's 'Special Noodles' aka Maggi Mee!

Claire's and Marilyn's, Laska! Which probably included a hand full of sardines. Yucks!

Met the 3 of them back who were so satisfied with their lunches.

An overview(part) of the shopping centre.

Went back to the Outdoor Themepark and queued for the Dinosaur Boat Ride.

While waiting, we snapped some pictures again.

Finally, after a few minutes, we were on the boat.

Inside this dark place, they were explaining about dinosaurs and they had look-alike figurines which moved.

Can you spot this huge dinosaur above, in the back? It was the brightest I could take.

Next, all of us except for Claire, Rowena and Shawn sat the Super Tobogan. It's this super fast cart. It brings you all the way up and goes down real fast, just like a roller coaster, except each cart can only contain one person.

So the 3 of them went to sit the carousel while we're at it. Row then took random pictures.

Angela, Clarence, Marilyn and Rowena then went to sit the Flying Swing again while Claire, Shawn and I went on the carousel. I think the both of them probably sat the carousel for about 6 times. Lol!

I love sitting those carousels with horses that moves up and down. Lmao. I know, it's childish but fun!

Charmaine then came back from the toilet and we went over to the Flying Swing to find them. 

Spot them flying!

Now, it's our turn!

Blurred. I take nicer pictures! Haha, joking.

Went for the Flying Dragon next as the other roller coaster was not working(all 3 times that we went, we couldn't get to sit).

Back to the Indoor Themepark without Clarence and Marilyn as they went for the Solero Shot. Sad that we didn't manage to take pictures of them on that ride. I remembered the one and only time I sat was the previous time that I was there. When the thing dropped, my heart practically dropped too. I started screaming once it dropped and then when I was at the halfway point mark, I had no voice to scream anymore. Gawd, it was the scariest and fastest ride I've ever sat. It was fun though.

The rest of us went to sit this thing here.

We wanted to sit this Swan badly, but because of the nerd couple infront of us, we couldn't as there wasn't enough seats for all of us.

While on the ugly Ship that we had to sit on.

Over to the Indoor Ferris Wheel, was queuing up halfway when we decided that I didn't wanna go on it anymore. Thanks to that stupid Indian lady, her husband and her baby. They cut our queue. Shit them.

Went for a buffet dinner, was too hungry til I forgot to take pictures. Back to our hotel rooms and played cards with Cousins. We were playing in RM, and I won!

Woke up the next morning/late afternoon and went for Mary Brown's. Walked around after that. Only managed to get myself a pair of earrings and socks. Damn.

Boarded this luxurious bus!

I had my own personal television/gaming/movie/music screen/blanket!

The look-alike Transtar burberry blanket which was super comfy.

My personal space, it came with a controller too! I played games, and caught 'Meet The Spartans'. It was a fucking hilarious movie, and I loved it!

Goodbye Genting Highlands!

On the bus, I was having a super bad headache and felt really nauseous, so I had to stop everything and sleep. It was because I was sitting directly on top of the engine. Realised that I was not the only one who was feeling that way. Even Row was feeling it too.

They stopped over at this place which sold tons of dried snacks and I got myself sour plums to stop the nauseous feeling.

Angela's and my lil pinic space.

Check out the wordings on top that says 'DUH! TOMATO'! Lmao! Why does Twisties have to act cool with all those different wordings on different flavours? We all started laughing when we saw it.

My all-time favourite potato chips!

Halfway through, we had our tea-time snack, which was served by our personal waiter(he's gay and he likes to talk to/touch Clarence).

I skipped it, as it was Chicken.

Ange enjoying her Chicken burger.

Our super spacious bus!

The guys were all at the bottom deck.

The lil space that our foods were from.

The bed for the waiter/bus driver/assistant.

Next up, was our dinner!

It was damn good, just that the chicken was quite tough to bite on. Had no choice but to eat the chicken, there was nothing else.

Us, looking real satisfied.

'Meet The Spartans'! This part was fucking funny, they were imitating 'Stomp The Yard'.

Finally, we reached Singapore at about 10pm. Trained back home from Lavender with Daddy and Mummy.

And here are the two pathetic items that I got for myself.

Overall, the trip was enjoyable. And I'd really like to thank Godma Daisy for paying for our(God daughters) trip and giving us extra cash. Thank you Godma Daisy! Let's do this sometime again.