Bite On Bullets: April 2009




Wednesday, April 29, 2009


P/S: I miss my long(er) fringe and I luv this peeky!

Guess my entry post's title.

Anyway, I'm stuck with a very bad (entry post's title). This sucks. Seldom do I get it, but when it comes, it hurts like crap! Damn.

Baby went to Johor yesterday with his Mummy and Sister. Guessed he enjoyed himself tasting food the entire day, while I was stuck at home rotting.

Met him today after school at Bedok as he wanted to buy lottery from there. He heard many people striked big from the Bedok outlet(s). Sheesh. He's behaving like some old ah-pek these few days. Cannot stand him. Lol. So we went for Fish & Co Express at Downtown East again as I was craving for it since I-don't-know-when. I wouldn't mind having it every single day! Hee. Homed.

Tomorrow's gonna be a packed day. Going to Baby's and then Jurong Point to settle my bill after school and then back to school for training. Might even go to Teo Heng for K with Charmaine and Marilyn and then to Charmaine's for overnight Mahjong again.

Friday's Labour Day! We'll all be at Charmaine's. No school, no work, no nothing! Whoop! And and, I can't wait for my Genting trip with my entire family(17 pax) on the 15th to 17th of May! It's gonna be so so so fun! And of course, I'll definitely miss my Baby very dearly.

In conclusion, I might not be able to blog for the next few days unless I've time to do so.

Okay, my head's spinning again. Nights ya'll!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Accounting Madness

Can you believe it? We had an hour of Accounting lecture, another hour of Costing Lecture and followed by 4 hours straight of Accounting lessons! Holy macaroll! Something that I couldn't believe more was that I freaking paid attention throughout the whole 4 hours! Gosh. It was a killer. Many people couldn't stand even the 2 hours, so they left halfway through.

Talking bout Accounts, I just remembered I've to re-copy a question that I did in the afternoon cause it's all over the world. Shall get my pen and paper now. Ain't I hardworking? Hahaha! I have to, or Terry would kill me tomorrow. He wants to borrow it from me.

Before I go, I was at Tampines1 just now with Mummy. Exchanged a brand new phone with the one I got yesterday cause something went wrong while I was charging. So anyway, I checked with the lady there. She said that Singapore doesn't carry the Gold edition ones! Oh man! Shit Singapore, why do they have so limited colours!

Okay, bye.

P/S: Hi Babe, I miss you veli much.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Luv LG!

I stayed home the entire day, today. Ate, slept, watched teevee, played lappy.

Mummy suddenly called and asked if I wanted another phone. Whoop! Daddy was just telling me a few hours before she called that he saw this pink Nokia phone(it's ugly), and asked me to check it out. So I did, but something else caught my eyes. So I told Mummy that I wanted that phone and she got it for me. Heehee. Luv Mummy! Yup, it's another LG phone. Though it's not a pink phone, but it's sleek! What's more? It's a 5 mega pixels phone! Oh my. I think I'm falling in luv with LG phones, because their designs are so much prettier than the others and beats them all hands down!


LG KF750!

Was a lil disappointed though. Cause they only had it in black. While I was google-ing just a few minutes ago, I saw that they had the gold one!

Gah. Maybe I should ask Mummy if I could change it. So, I'm currently stuck with 2 LG phones. The one below and this one below.

LG KF350!

Fawesome! I'm a super duper happy lil girl! Anyway, I just caught S Factor and damn was it good! Sonia beat the hell outta Kris! She rocks man. Kris's out and so is Holly! The 2 girls I detest the most in the competition. Okay, that's about it. Oh oh! One more thing, I just remembered that I've uncompleted homework that I need to finish. Oh man. I shall do it later if I have the time after I'm done playing with my new phone. Nights!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Jiahao aka Clay!

Met Baby in the afternoon to meet him and his Liang Shan friends at Town. Waited for them for 45 minutes in the hot sun outside Taka until they appeared. Guys, sheesh. So met them and had another big quarrel with Baby. Damn. How I hate it. Settled everything and the day carried on very smoothly.

Over to The Heeren's Shodokun for dinner to celebrate Jiahao's birthday. Funny peeps I met. And one of Baby's friend, Zhehao, kept stuffing me with food. I was effin full from my fish curry rice and yet he still did it. Over to Parklane for lan gaming. Had to wait for the computers again, as usual. So Baby asked me to leave for home first. He then walked me back to Dhoby Ghaut with the companion of Jiahao.

Home sweet home.


I'm stuck with peeling lips, ulcers(1 big and 1 small) which are gonna combine together anytime soon, which also leads to mouth cramps cause I can't close my mouth or the cream would disappear, stomach cramps and lastly, a runny nose. I can't even sneeze properly now, how pathetic. Laugh all you want.

I'd rather be sick with a fever or even vomitting. It helps me lose weight and I can even sleep throughout the entire day! Sheesh.

Neway, I caught '17 Again' with Baby and Charmaine. It's a freaking awesome movie! Charmaine and I were crying like little babies. She was so mesmorized by the hawt Zac Effron that she even cancelled our Mahjong session tonight and went home to catch High School Musical 1, 2 and 3, again! Yes, I'm emphasizing on the word 'again'. At least my 10 bucks didn't really go to waste. Charmaine, you better thank us. Can't help but to say that Zac Effron's hawt stuff. But, my Baby's hotter luh. Heehee.

Before that, I met Baby at Tampines first to wait for Charmaine to end work. We then headed over to Downtown East for Fish & Co Express! Omg, the thought of it just makes me feel hungry again. I'm so going there whenever I can. It's only freaking $4.50 for their specialty fish & chips! I luv it to the max. Homed after the movie.

I can't believe Mummy actually took 2 freaking hours to edit her resume. EDIT! What the heck, I had to then lie on my bed and stared at the television for 2 whole hours. Gawd, kill me. I swear I almost died.

Okay, bed time. I need more rest. Luv my Baby! Xoxo.

Friday, April 24, 2009


What a stormy night we had yesterday. The wind was howling, the branches of the trees were blown so hard that it felt as though it was gonna topple. It scared the shit outta me man! It felt as though the world was coming to an end(supposedly to be in 2012). But research was done and proved that it was a bunch a crap/rumor started by some moron. Phew!

Was at Baby's in the afternoon after school ended. Was super tired on the way back home, so I slept throughout the entire journey. Didn't sleep when I was travelling to his place cause his DS Lite was distracting me. Hehe. Cooking Mama is still the bestest game ever on a DS. Too bad his wasn't in pink, if not I think I'd have stole it away from him.

Baby's going for another shooting at 1030. He's gonna be a rich boy for a few days again after being poor for a couple of weeks. Lol! Anyway, he's going to serve the nation in September! Regina is going to be super super super super sad. He has been enlisted to Navy which he wanted a few months ago. He's hesitating bout it now. He wants to go to Army( The Greenies=] ), I don't know why either. Both is alright for me, cause I need not travel so far. One's at Pasir Ris and the other's at Changi/Tanah Merah. Heeheehee. Oh well, I'm so gonna treasure time even more now. Luv you babe!

Now for some overdued pictures again, from 18th April.

Baby brought the chicken/luncheon meat/fishballs from home!

Dinner @ Subway's!

I shall play my DS now before I crash for bed. Nighty night!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burnt Alive

Zomg! The weather can seriously kill!

I was watching American Idol in my living happily with the fan blowing straight into my face, when I decided to go back to my room to check on my Messenger. Not even 5 seconds and I was already beginning to sweat. Fyi, my room curtains were all down and of course without the fan on. What the heck is happening to Singapore. Soon, you'll see someone on the cover page of 'The New Paper' which states 'Man/Women Died From Heat Stroke!'. Sheesh.

Yet on the other hand, when I stepped into the train it was freezing like no one's biz I tell you! Omg. I know I'm complaining too much, but who cares! One moment the sun scorching hot straight into your face, the other moment, the aircon's on full blast blowing at you for an hour. Save me!

Lesson ended earlier than expected cause Costing was cancelled. Whoop! Over to Baby's for lunch and then slacked around.

Training again yesterday, muscles aching right now especially on my theighs. Was overjoyed that I managed to get into the school team. I shall buck up.

Oh, one last thing before I go. Do any of you have any jobs to recommend? I'll be super grateful to you. Hee.

Time for dinner, buhbye!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Hate Scary Dreams!

I'm finally back! Was real busy the past few days. Shall make it short and sweet, with tons of picture.

On Friday, school as usual and then over to Baby's for lunch. Chilled at his place til evening before leaving his place for Tampines1.

On Saturday, woke up real early at 7 in the morning and went to Simpang Bedok to have Mee Pok for breakfast with family and godmothers. Over to the temple to pray to my grandmother after that. Got home, changed, prepared and left. Over to Orchard to do some survey and got 20 bucks just like that! Sweet! Something really bad happened in-between, shan't mention bout it anymore. Followed by Sentosa. Tanned, volley-ed and tanned somemore.

Went over to Charmaine's for the night. As you guessed, Mahjong! Lol. Played 3-khaki with Charmaine and Marilyn. Slept at 4 and woke up at 2 the following afternoon. Nice. Slowly, the rest started coming over to Charmaine's. Spent out Sunday there.

My pretty 5-tai!

Don't think I need to elaborate bout today right? School as per normal. Training's tomorrow! Can't wait, I hope I'll improve from the previous week. I'd kill myself if I didn't. And I had a superbly horrible terrible vegetable dream yesterday. Cried like shiat when I woke up, Baby knows why. Damn!

Here's some(some is an understatement) pictures from our previous Sentosa trip, not the ones from Saturday but from Thursday, 2 April aka our 5th month. Enjoy!