Bite On Bullets: November 2008




Sunday, November 30, 2008

Escape Themepark

Woke up a about 8 this morning. Got changed and trained over to Paya Lebar with Mummy. We went to the Charles & Keith sale somewhere in Paya Lebar. There were like a billion and one people there, freaking hell. I got squashed by most of them. It was so freaking crowded that I couldn't be bothered to really look at the shoes. I ended up only getting this bag that I fancied previously for only 19 bucks! Woohoo. Mummy got herself a pair of shoes. Went back to Paya Lebar. Shared a McChicken with Mummy and over to This Fashion. And bloody hell, I dropped my phone on the stairs and it bounced. Argh! Mummy then trained back to Simei while I continued to Pasir Ris. This bloody women freaking spoiled my mood. I was walking towards the interchange at Pasir Ris when suddenly this stupid women went to bang my hand and my phone flew. Freaking hell! She didn't even say sorry and walked off. I think she's either retarded or brainless. My hand turned slightly red after that, just imagine that. Shit her.

Went over to Downtown East to meet Marilyn and Edwin. Had lunch and waited for Baby. Finally he arrived and we decided on going to Escape. Uber fun man! Pyscho-ed Edwin to sit the Viking Ship with us, and he did! He's afraid of heights, and so is Baby. But they were brave enough to accompany us. So we sat the Viking Ship, Mini Roller Coaster, Haunted House, Go-Kart and Flipper. I swear the Haunted House freaking scared the shit outta me. I didn't even open my eyes for a second when I was in there. My heart was beating at a super fast rate. Haha. But it wasn't as scary as the previous time, where there were real people dressed as ghosts. After everything ended, we went back to Marilyn's for another mahjong session. Guess what? Baby was the biggest winner and I was the biggest loser, again. Sheesh. Had dinner at her place and left there at 9.45pm. We did something bad, I'm not gonna mention it here though. I feel guilty now, shiat. Alright, that was about it. School's at 10 tomorrow. So, goodnight peeps! (Inserts hearts)

Love Will Lead Us Back.

Happy 17th Birthday, Sandrina!

Happy 17th Birthday, Sandrina Lingling! (L)
May you enjoy your day. Though we may be far apart, but our hearts are as one. Be sure of what will happen before making decisions alright. Don't let anybody bully you already. We'll meet up real soon kay. Owe you your present first, we'll go shopping for it the next time. I love you! (Inserts hugs & kisses)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adidas Watch!

Just got back from Tampines about an hour ago. Went shopping with Daddy & Mummy. Got myself 3 tops, a harversack and finally, my gold Adidas watch! Haha! Super elated. Mummy got that watch for me as my Christmas present. Thank you Mummy! (L) So before I went out with them which was at 6, I was sleeping throughout the whole afternoon. But I managed to meet Baby in the morning for Breakfast at Long John's because he was at the chalet. So that was how I spent my Saturday. And I realised that my comments are getting lesser eversince I changed my Cbox to HaloScan. C'mon people! Tag more, since now those irritating spammers can't spam my tagboard anymore. Hawhawhaw. Try harder, my dearest spammers. Wild Wild Wet with Baby, Marilyn & Edwin tomorrow! Can't wait. (Grins) Nights ya'll!

We Know That This Is Love.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Sentosa with the usuals again. Before that Baby came over to my school to fetch me. Thanks Baby. (L) Was supposed to head over to Vivo straight, but guess where we ended up next? Back to Lakeside. Why? Cause something cropped up and Baby had to travel all the way back to his place to get something and pass it to his teacher in school. We were super pissed off. Bused down to Vivo from Baby's school and only reached slightly after 2. Went in with Fadzly, Peiqin & Eddie first. The rest joined us later. Volleyed, took photos and chatted. Left Sentosa at about 7. Dinner at Banquet. Trained over to Orchard with Baby, Fadzly and Peiqin. Accompanied them to Far East to get their Barcadi 151 to drink at their friend's chalet. Waited for Ruth and bused back home with them. Had this really long chat with Baby, a heart-to-heart talk. Seriously, everything at that moment was oblivious to me. Made myself sounded like a fool while Baby was there smiling. But one thing I know for sure, is that every single thing I did for you, Baby, was worth it. Words can't explain how I feel, but you know it. Baby, I love you! (L) Went home while they went over to Downtown East. Pictures are with Baby. Will upload them when I recieve them.

The Strongest Power, Is The Power Of Love.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Project, projects and more projects!

I'm going bonkers soon. I'm rushing 3 different types of projects altogether now. Finally, 1 down, 2 more to go. Freak. Let's hope I can finish all of them by tonight. Cheers.

P/S: I love you, Hogan Chang. (L)

Take My Hand, Pull Me Close.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Birthday, Er Jie! (L)
Happy 17th Birthday, Darren Leong!

Cheryl came over to my place after St James yesterday. So, I woke upat 4plus in the morning to open my door for her. Slept til 12plus in the afternoon and she went back. Ate and got changed. Met her on bus 38 and over to Tampines' Polyclinic. Wasn't feeling too good, so I didn't attend school. Saw the doctor and had 4 different types of medication. Cheryl went back home while I trained to Lakeside to meet him. I slept throughout the whole journey. Was feeling damn sick and tired. People kept banging into my leg while I was asleep, super irritated.

Waited for Baby again, as usual. Trained back to Orchard. Walked around at Far East and then over to Cineleisure. Saw Darren, Mark, Shaan and Iris Cupcake! Had dinner at the foodcourt and Baby sent me back home. Every single day spent with him is worth it. He's unlike the rest, he knows when he's wrong and when he's not. And the best part is, he doesn't pick a fight with me. He'd always apologise when he's wrong. I love you Baby. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, I swear. (L) Narcism time!

Through Thick And Thin, We'll Stay.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tampines' Starbucks

School ended at 4 this afternoon. Went home and took a short nap before meeting Baby. My body was burning eversince 12. Was feeling really horrible, I didn't even have much appetite. So I woke up at 5.30 and got changed. Met Baby at Simei at 6. Over to Tampines' Starbucks. We were supposed to study, but we ended up with nothing accomplished. Cheryl came to find us and off we went to Long John's for dinner. Baby was super crappy again today, as usual. But I still love him. Alright, Im'ma do my Biz Com speech now. Peace out.

Love Overcomes Everything.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Blocked Nose

Freak, my block nose is back to haunt me again. Anyway, I just finished watching 不凡的爱(By My Side). I freaking teared like crazy. It's super touching. Sniff sniff* And now my runny nose's becoming worse. Argh. So, I had my Listening Comprehension CA this morning during BCM. A billion thanks to Ruoping for lending me her shoe! Had prolly bout one and a half hours of break before IAC started. Sports & Wellness was next. Played Volleyball, teamed with Mr Gary Vs Wilson and his friend. We won, haha! Next was Basketball, where Mr Gary kept bullying all of us(Jingwen, Mari, Nadila & I). I tell you, he kept disturbing me because I'm short. What kind of teacher is that? Haha. Rang Daddy up to ask him to fetch me from school as I was too lazy to walk home. There's ETP tomorrow but I'm still not done with our Project 1. Someone save me! Okay, bye.

Love Is Showing Forgiveness & Grace.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shopping With Mommy

I slept from 12.30am til 12.30pm this morning. Finally, I replenished my beauty sleep. Went to Joo Chiat for Wanton Mee for lunch with Daddy, Mommy, Brother and Pipi. Sent them back home before heading over to Tampines for some shopping. Ended up only getting a tank top from Miss Emily and some lingerie. Daddy got himself a new phone, N82. And we even got a 'free' Vodafone. All we've to do is just to pay $9/month for the exact same plan that I'm having now. That's the sub-line. So now I'm currently having 2 lines and a prepaid. Haha! What's more? Mommy upgraded my plan from the normal Sunsaver plan to the Sunsaver Student plan, so now I'll get 1000 free sms per month instead of only 500. How cool's that!? Now I can send 1500 sms per month(my prepaid's not included yet)! Woohoo. This rocks. Okay, enough bout that. Had dinner at EastPoint and back home.

Vodafone 720.



Baby: Are you thinking of me?
Me: Yes.
Baby: I'm tired.
Me: Why?
Baby: Cause I'm running through your mind.

Now Til Forever.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ice Skating

Accompanied Baby back to his place after the mahjong session which ended prolly at about 6am. Baby freaking won 17bucks! While I lost bout 5. Was dammit tired, yet we couldn't sleep. We had to stand in the train throughout the whole journey from Simei to Lakeside, imagine that! Got to meet Baby's parents. They're really cute okay. Haha. Bathed and got changed. Now I know why Baby's always late to meet me. Read his blog for more details why he's always late. Left Baby's for Kallang. This time, we finally got ourselves seats in the train and slept throughout the whole journey.

Met Marilyn and Edwin at Kallang and we cabbed to somewhere near the Indoor Studium. Met Angela, Charmaine, Matthais, Rowena and Shawn there. Had lunch before going to Ice World to skate! First time ever ice-skating. It was fun fun fun! Okay, I fell once. It's because I couldn't brake in time and I banged into Baby and pulled him down with me. Haha! Sorry Baby. Grins. Everything ended at about 3. Left that place and Baby accompanied me back home. Slept from 6-8. Mommy woke me up to have dinner at EastPoint with her. Did some shopping at EastPoint before heading back home.

Regina & Hogan.

Charmaine & Matthais.

Marilyn & Edwin.

Rowena & Angela.

Left: Shawn.
Right: Shawn, Me & Baby.

My pro Baby.

Left: The girls.
Right: The guys.

Til The End Of Time.