Bite On Bullets: January 2009




Friday, January 30, 2009


Caught 'The Wedding Game' earlier on with Baby and Cousins at Tampines. A lovely show, and superbly funny. You guys should go catch it, two thumbs up!

Went over to Orchard before that with Baby to get his tee for tomorrow. But the pink tee he wanted from FourSkins didn't have it in his size anymore. We then trained back to Marina Square to get it.

Oh, and I also caught the movie 'Ink Heart' yesterday. It was a nice show. But of course if you don't like those fantasty kinda show, it's not for you.

Okay, I seriously need my bed now. My head's spinning, for i-don't-know-what reason. And just now outside GV, my head suddenly got 'poked' through by some imaginary spear or something. It was super duper painful I tell you. Macham some ghost wanna kill me. Nights.

P/S: Tomorrow's gonna be a happy happy day!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures And More Pictures

Thanks for the ice-cream treat, Mari! So I headed over to Katong with Cheryl, Jessica, Jingwen and Mari. Our main intention was to go to Teo Heng, but sadly it was closed. We had some Katong Laksa instead. Over to Parkway for some shopping! Before that, I went to get back my phone. I luvvv it! It's all functionally well now, finally.

Got my CNY heels from Charles & Keith. I got my eyes on this particular bag. It was really pretty, damn! $75.90. Mummy told me to reserve it, she'll go and have a look first before deciding on whether to purchase it. Heehee.

Oh, we ended up at Borders. Reading/playing/finding Wally. Any of you remembered who's Wally? He was our childhood friend, or character rather. No? Take a look at the picture below then! And maybe you'll have some impression.

Where's Wally!?

There you go! It can kill man! Check out how many gazillion little people there are, and you've to find this bloody guy with spectacles. I've no patience for this. But our Jessica and Mari love it. Can you imagine, they spent their whole time at Borders trying to find this book!? Sheesh.

My pretty lil phone.

Overdued pictures from CNY Day 2.


At Marilyn's.

I luv Wii, Wii luvs me!

Clarence, Charmaine and I.

Yeo Yi Wen!

Charmaine and Matthias.

Pretty eh!? There were more colours. Those are real Casino chips and it costs a bomb in Singapore. It's much cheaper in the States.

I made do with this simple outfit that day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was blog-shopping once again. And guess what I saw this time! Super cute cameras! I'm planning to get my hands on one of them, but I just can't decide! This camera on top is called Golden Half which costs about $110.

This here is Holga. The pink one is super adorable! They come in many different colours too! How how!? Opinions!

So anyway, I was watching America's Got Talent, The Finals, and I got really pissed. Well, almost. And I wonder why.

It's because Neil E'Boyd won, instead of Eli Mattson! Oh my gawddd, how could this ever happen!? Me and brother always thought that Eli Mattson or Nothing But Strings would have won first place. Shiat, this sucks. But it's always the runner-up who gets more media attention right, no? Just take a look at Reuben Studdard(the winner) and Clay Aiken(the runner-up). During that period, we've been seeing more of Clay Aiken rather than Reuben Studdard don't we?

Neil E'Boyd. His talent? Opera singing, and.. Ya, practically only he's only talent is singing, Opera style.

Eli Mattson. His talent? Singing and playing the Piano at the same time.

And here's another picture of him. Ain't he much more charming?! Sheesh.

Nothing But Strings. Their talent? Composing their own music with their violin. Playing a whole different genre with their violin.

Now tell me, who do you guys think has more talent?! Oh well, it was America's decision. And I forgot to say that the winner has won himself a million dollars and also gets to perform in Las Vegas. Who'll enjoy/appreciate listening to Opera songs. It'll bore some folks. No offence towards anyone here, but it's just my point of view.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there! This is gonna be a draggy post. Please do not read if you get bored easily.

Spent the day's at Charmaine's with all my relatives. Stayed there from 12.30pm-12.30am, twelve hours man. Cousins wanted to Mahjong, but we were lacking of a table. So we settled for BlackJack.

Daddy was the banker for quite a long period of time. I just sat there, opened his cards a few times and was his Accountant. He was losing about 70bucks, and I helped him get 21, 5 leng, and 21 three times in a row. Haha! Okay, I was only lucky for that three rounds. I swear my luck for gambling this year's going downhill. I shall make a commitment no to gamble too often til next year. Yeah, right.

Dinner was mouth-watering. All my favourite dishes in a day, Babi Ponteh(Pork), Kiem Cai Ar(Salted Vegetable with Duck soup) etc. Too bad I didn't take pictures of it. We were all starving.

Loads of fun and games at night, but it only started at about nine-nish ten. Us(the younger ones) and even the adults were having fun! Finally after waiting for very long, we got a Mahjong table for ourselves. By the time, it was already elevenish. So we(Marilyn, Rowena, Sulin and I) played at a super fast speed. We were at the last pot, last person after an hour exactly. But our wonderful Rowena who was the last of all, had to game another 3 times and we had to continue for another 3 rounds. Happy only she.

Oh, and the house was filled with Little Nonyas, even some of the adults were in their Kebayas. Coolios.

初二(Day 2) was spent at Marilyn's. Had a tiff with parents, which totally wasn't my fault. They were just being angry at each other and had to scold me. Where's the fairness? Oh well. Took a bus with Mummy. She went to Marilyn's straight while I went for lunch with Daddy at Tampines's Swensens.

I then went alone to Marilyn's because Daddy had to go over to his sister-in-law's place. Chilled there and Mahjong-ed. Played poker and BlackJack again til we left. I was actually losing 8bucks in BlackJack, then Mummy asked me to be the banker. So I did, in the end we lost more. Mummy took over, I stood behind to watch. We lost even more. I couldn't take it, so I went to play Wii with Daddy. And when it's time for us to leave, Mummy won back that 15bucks and even had an additional winning of 2bucks! This year's seriously not my year. Prediction has been made and it's super accurate. My luck ain't too good and that's why I'm trying to not gambling too often.

Oh, guess what. It's back to school tomorrow. Aww. Luckily for me, school starts at 1 tomorrow. Heehee. Nights ya'll. Luv.

P/S: Pictures/videos will be uploaded when I recieve them.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Happy Lunar New Year!
May all of you have a prosperous new year, with good health and luck!


Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm super duper mega ultra bloated! Had my reunion dinner with my family as well as Godma Daisy's family at their place. Enjoyed myself and of course I enjoyed the food more! Haha. Shall let the peektures do the talking.

Warning: Drool at your own risk.

"Lou Hei". Luv it.

Sushi. My Mummy doesn't know how to pronounce "Sushi". She pronounced it as shu-shi, instead of soo-shi. Lmao.

Claypot rice.

Vegetables, duh.

Abalone! Oh my gawd, it's my first time ever eating it. I've always eaten the 'fake abalone'. The real one is much more tougher and rubber-ier(no such word, but who cares). Shiok.

Pig's trotter.

Cold crab. I've never eaten it before, but it tasted delicious. Oh well, nothing can ever beat my black pepper crab! Hawhaw.

Dinner ended at about close to nine. Caught this show on Channel 8. Super nice! Why? Cause it's some gambling game bout Mahjong. Hee. Came straight home after the dinner. Thanks to Godma Daisy, Godpa Richard and of course Rosa for preparing such a mouth-watering dinner! Oh, and poor Godpa got his finger caught in the crab's claw while trying to kill it. Aww.

We were bored, so brother and I decided to cam-whore a lil.

Check out his spike-in-the-middle hair.

Look alike, no? Haha. Will be at Charmaine's tomorrow. Theme, Sarong Kebaya! Stay tune for the pictures. Alright, I wanna watch the Channel 8's Lunar New Year show now. Buhbyeee!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Midnight Madness

Cousins and I headed over to Town this afternoon, finally! Everytime when I ask them to Town, they'll always be busy or too lazy. And all I got for myself was a nice bling-bling watch from Forever21 for 38bucks. It's super pretty and I luv it! Hee.

But I'm pretty upset that I didn't get any nice clothes, again! Argh. I don't know why but I always can't seem to find nice clothes that I really fancy. It'll either be too expensive or I'll have second thoughts about it. Oh well, I'll just have to make do with a couple of new clothing in my wardrobe. Hope it'll work out though.

Lovely greeky Charmaine!

Currently at Marilyn's with the four gamblers, Baby, Charmaine, Marilyn and Rowena. I tell you, they'll never get enough of Mahjong.

The gamblers.


I think this shot above's artistic. Haha! Okay, ignore me. I'm bored.

P/S: Marilyn just made us laugh by thinking that my camera has a bluetooth. Lmao.
P/S/S: Charmaine just thought that Baby said 'Cb' but infact it was 'Ji Tai'.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Love Me

Just got back home not too long ago. Finally had a lil gathering with my girls, Iris, Jessica and Weiting! It's been ages since I last saw them and I'm really glad we had this opportunity today. Hehe.

School as per normal in the morning. Had lunch with Baby at Bugis and came back home. Daddy and brother were spring cleaning! So, I had to clean up my room too, as told. Weiting then came over and waited for me to get ready. Bused down to Parkway. Saw Sam in the bus.

Finally my pink N73 casing arrived! So I went to get it changed. I can only get it tomorrow in the evening. Gahhh. So I'm currently only using one phone. Bused back to Tampines to meet the girls. Weiting and I were half an hour late, sorry Jessica! Traffic jams caused it. Haha. Iris then came along soon. Dined at Pizza Hut.

Had lil chatting sessions with them, and also fun and laughter. Window shopping around Tampines. Wanted to do some shopping but to no avail. Bused back with Jessica as she went to meet Yanyang. Had a heart-to-heart talk session. It's been really long since we did that. Accompanied her a little while. Saw Aaron & Ahtong. Homed.

Sorry for the lousy quality peektures. I was in a rush and forgot to bring my digi cam out. Iris one was dying. So when we wanted to put it on self-timer and take just a photo, the battery went flat. We had to make do with my N72's 2 mega pixels camera.

Town tomorrow with Cousins! Shopping session, like finally after 1234567890 years! Heeee.