Bite On Bullets: June 2009




Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swensens' 1-For-1

(Opps, I didn't mean to cut off Charmaine's face.)

Met Charmaine for lunch at Swensens yesterday. It was the last day for the 1-for-1 treat. So, we asked someone along(the person asked to not be mentioned). We waited for that someone for a probably half an hour and our food were already getting cold. Everyone around us were staring like we were some gluttons. But we were actually waiting for that someone okay! Gees.

The bored Charmaine and I awaiting for that someone.

We are the hardcore MJ fans! We love MJ! \m/

Check out the amount of food we ordered!

That someone's Fish & Chips.

Charmaine and I ordered the same dish, Black Pepper Seafood Pasta! I can't believe that I actually had the same food two days in a row.

And this is what I'll normally do to my pasta. I'll elimate all the vegs out! Haha.

The extra Swensens Combo that we shared.

Fried Mushrooms.

And Rodeo Wings.

We were all forcing ourselves to finish everything, and we managed to. It was a hell lot of food for 3 people.

After lunch we went for a lil shopping. Charmaine got herself a Topshop high waisted denim shorts. It was really pretty. Well, it better be cause it costed her $79! She then had cravings for Frolick! I've never tried it before, I really hate yoghurt. But it tasted slightly different. Had 2 spoons of it and that was all for me. Didn't really like the after taste.

It has pretty lil icons on it, cute eh!?

And did you know, Mummy showed me on the newspaper today that Swensens extending their 1-for-1 deal til July!? Whoo! This spells more Swensens! Hahaha.

Alright, I've sleep real soon. Because today's baking session with Charmaine's not over yet! She's coming again tomorrow morning to complete it. Hope it turns out really well! Shall update the baking pictures tomorrow. Ciaoz.

Monday, June 29, 2009

RIP, Michael Jackson.

As a tribute to the late King of Pop, I've changed my blog song to one of his singles 'Black Or White'. I've always been a fan of his songs, he does them so so well. I've loved them since I was young. But I especially like this song. It's a pity he died so young, at the age of 50. No one expected it. And I believed that he ain't no pedophile, as there isn't any prove. Besides, he's known for doing so many charitable deeds. His legacy will never die. MJ will live on forever in our hearts.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Live Life Online With Singtel!

Don't you just love to lay on a beautiful patch a green grass, with nothing on your mind and just relax?

If only my all-time favourite, Vivo City's Sky Garden, had internet connection, I'd capture all the beautiful scenary and happy moments of familes throughout the entire day and blog them all up at that very moment while lazing around on the beautiful grass patch. That feeling would be so perfect and who knows how long I'd be there for!

Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit for details.

I Heart Daiso

Spent my afternoon yesterday at Godma Daisy's place. Had tons of fun with Cousins. We were all hyped up. Putting make up for each other, even Clarence wanted to get a make over! It was damn hilarious, but I can't blog the picture up cause they'd kill me if I did! Had buffet lunch and I swear the Honeydew Sago was darn good. I think I had 4-5 bowls of it.

Didn't stay for dinner, instead me and Rowena went to Plaza Sing. Why? She wanted to go to Daiso. Spent money there again.

This mirror is as huge as my face, imagine that! The best thing is that it only costed me 2 friggin' bucks!

Seaweed, which totally had to taste at all.

A HelloKitty face towel.

HelloKitty plastic bags. I don't even know why I bought them, it's just so cute!

This is the kind of plastic bag I'm refering to. If you know what I mean.

And this cute lil HelloKitty water bottle that I bought previously from Daiso too.

Daiso rocks. I had to pay only $8 for 4 items. No wonder no one comes out empty handed in Daiso. Had Long John's for dinner and then back home.

Don't know why I was feeling so tired this afternoon. I woke up at 1.30pm and took another short nap at 4plus. I hope I don't get insomnia later. Cleaned my TV table, mopped the floors(including brother's and parents' room) and perspired like mad. I think it's counted as a form of exercise. You guys will never believe how much I perspired just by cleaning my TV table alone.

Oh oh! I had Pizza just now and am going to Swensens for lunch tomorrow with Daddy, Mummy and Brother. How not to get fat?

P/S: I think 20 ambulances passed my house today. Soon, everyone will get H1N1.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Lipkio!

Happy Belated 18th Birthday, Lipkio aka Darren!
Hope you enjoyed the lil celebration we had just now and the present we got for you. All the best!

Met up with Baby in the afternoon for lunch at Tampines after his workout at Tampines Stadium's gym with his colleagues. Finally had Long John's once again and I had chicken. He then passed me this HelloKitty sweet!

Thanks Baby! I love you!

The sticker inside, and we thought that it would be an Ez-link sticker. But no, guess what it was.

A little tiny sticker. Oh well, I shall stick it somewhere.

Headed home, got changed and waited for time to pass a lil before heading over to Eunos to meet Weiwei. Waited for Quanyou there and then bused over to East Coast Park. Not many were there and the only few I knew/talked to were Weiwei, Quanyou, Siewling, Miner, Mingsong and of course Lipkio.

Gossiped with Siewling as usual. Sadly Valerie couldn't make it cause of her exams. Hope to see her real soon though, miss all her crappyness. Took a bunch of photos with my Ling babe.

The very messy table.

My Siewling babe!

She loves me.

Check out Weiwei in the background, haha!

Lipkio, Quanyou and Weiwei.

Quanyou made him drink this Corona beer in just one breathe. Madness.

And he did it.

The currently undrunked Lipkio.

This guy was walking around selling his lights. And Mingsong decided to get one for Lipkio to wear, so everyone shared.


The devil Lipkio.

Cake time!

Here are some videos of what happened during and after the cake cutting session. It was damn hilarious. Watch them yourselves!

Homed at 12 midnight.

Will be heading over to Godma Daisy's place tomorrow with relatives for Rosa(Godma Daisy's domestic helper)'s farewell party. See ya tomorrow kuzzins. Nights!