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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 19th

It's been more than a month since I turned 19! But, here are the pictures on my birthday! Mega slow, I know. Sorry!

Headed over to one of the hotels for lunch buffet with my family! Forgot the name of that place. I'm famously known as the short-termed memory girl! I remembered it contained the words "in the park" though!

Took many camwhoring shots on the way to the hotel.

Here are 2 of my many camwhoring shots!

The food was great! I ate till my stomach was bulging out! It was crazy, and I was effin bloated! Just have a look yourself.

The desert counter!

Self-made laksa by my brother!

My main dishes.

Daddy! He was munching on his waffle, that explains his weird mouth expression.

How can anyone resist this!?

My cutesy Hello Kitty cake! I remembered how my Hello Kitty was like a hundred times (2kg) of this cake when I was 17! Memories.

With Daddy, Mummy and Brother!

Left them for Marina Barrage to meet the people of Smoove to pinic! Sadly, 5 minutes after we reached and settled down at the rooftop, it started drizzling. So, we had to shift downstairs where it was fully sheltered.

Kite flying! I swear, they were all so so happy! Just like kids!

Darling Peiqin! It's been awhile since we last met up for a long time.

The November babies! From left to right: Priscilla, me, Keon and Noven!

Such a cute cake ain't it?! Keon got it for all of us! Thanks Keon!

Birthday peeps with the bear-cake.

With Shuwen and Solomon! I think we look like one big happy family here, I don't know why!

With Peiqin again!

And lastly, the 2 birthday princesses on that day! I never knew I had the same birthday as her!

My prezzies! Hehe.

My house warming entry's coming up next! So stay tuned!

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