Bite On Bullets: To My Babygirl, Vee




Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To My Babygirl, Vee

I know these past few weeks have been really hard on you, problems coming one after another. No one can ever feel the pain you're going through now, not even me I can say. But I want you to know that I'll always be here for you, whether it's a listening ear you need, a hug or a shoulder to cry on. I've never knew what really happened because I'm afraid if I asked, you'd feel upset. But I guess that's the only way of letting you relief yourself, to let someone share your burden with. So the next time you're at my place, I'm gonna talk to you about it and listen to what you have to say, to console you whenever you are feeling down. It's only a month away from your big day, I want you to forget all your unhappiness and move forward. I know you can do it. Be strong and remember that my place is always open for you and I'm always only a phone call away. I'm really glad to have met you and I love how you're becoming a part of my everyday life. I may sound lesbian-y, but you're really like a sister to me. I love you babygirl! See you in a probably a day's time. Xoxo.

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