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Sunday, January 23, 2011

House Warming

Found sometime to squeeze in a blog post before I head to bed!

Jan was busy busy month for me, and so will be the upcoming Feb! Projects after projects, reports after reports, all piling up. Chinese New Year's just around the corner, and what's best? My exams are gonna be just two weeks after! The stress's getting to my and all of my other classmates.

I'm so excited for CNY, but at the same time, super afraid for the upcoming exams. Anyone wanna be my free tutor? Hehe.

Moving on! Had my house warming on the 13th of November last year. I know, it has been a really long time. But here are some of the photos! The rest are all up on my Facebook and so are the other events. Photobucket takes such a long time to upload all my photos and is not user-friendly unlike Facebook. That explains why.

The youngsters queuing up for food while the adults are still playing Mahjong.

With Marilyn.

Me, Marilyn aka Mar, Rowena aka Row, Angela aka Gee and Sabrina aka Er Jie!

The Yeos! Gee, Row and Shawn.

My kitchen! So awesome right? I chose the layout and colour. Hehe. Everyone that comes to my place would love the kitchen more than anything else. And the most awesome part is that my family don't cook!


It was Korkor Alvin's birthday that day too! With Jiejie Monica and one of their daughters, Marissa-Claire.

The old.

And the young.


Lastly, here's a picture of my awesome cousins, taking an awesome photo, with my awesome camera, without the awesome me.

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